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The Austrian producer of games of chance Novomatic with its slot machine production line Novoline is a household name to all German-speaking gamblers – and rightly so. As a globally successful company, they develop some of the best slot machines in the slot format. And one of these slot machines, the slot Power Stars, we want to take a closer look at now.

Fruity and simple, that’s how you could summarize this game. Without much frippery, without complex tricks or overloaded features, you can expect classic casino game enjoyment in fruit design.

What else is there to discover on the 5 reels of this slot machine, for whom this game is particularly suitable and whether you can play Power Stars for free – we have found out all this and more and summarized it clearly here.

How to play Power Stars online – simple and easy to understand

A slot game in fruit design, experienced players immediately think of simple and classic game enjoyment. But is this also the case with the Power Stars slot machine?

That’s exactly what we want to take a closer look at in the basics of this online game:

  • Layout: The game board is built in 5×3 format – so it consists of 5 reels, each with three symbols arranged on top of each other. On it, you can then discover a total of 10 paylines, which are displayed at the edge of the game area. These are individually selectable for each spin, so you can play actively with a single line as well as with all 10 lines. By the way, one of our tips is to always play with all lines and, if necessary, reduce the bet per line rather than the number of lines.
  • Graphic design: one look at the game is enough to fully grasp it: a classic fruit design awaits here. Straightforward (some might even say boring), simple and kept in bright colors with lots of red tones. The characters themselves appear almost two-dimensional and are thus reminiscent of the classic one-armed bandits of the well-known arcades. The sound is also designed to match.
  • Symbol characters: In detail, there are a total of 9 different symbol characters in the Power Stars Game – 6 different fruits, a golden bell, the red seven and the special star.
  • Procedure: Once you have set the bet amount (more on this in the next point), it goes directly to the spins. These can either be done individually or entrusted to the machine – by means of the autoplay option, the slot itself spins a preset number of rounds and, with a little luck, accumulates winnings without the player having to sit at the Power Stars online slot machine.
  • Bet structure: Here you can set several variables individually – as we are used to from most Novoline games on the net. You should start with the number of lines – up to 10 lines can be activated. After that, you can select the bet per payline to set the total bet amount of the spin.
  • Win probability: The RTP of the game, i.e. the rate for paybacks of the stakes on average, is 95.54% here, which is quite a common value for a virtual fruit machine. The variance is in the medium range and provides payouts that do not appear too rarely, but often they are not too high either.
  • Winning Combinations: One of the most important issues is not only the overall winning probability, but also the value of the various symbol combinations that can be obtained during the spins. So here is an overview of the winning potential of the various symbols:
    • Fruits: The Power Stars slot comes up with three different groups among the fruit types. These are lemons and cherries, plums and oranges and grapes and watermelons. They take care of the rather small payouts of winnings.
    • Bells: After the fruits, in ascending order of value, comes the bell – it already brings handsome payouts that reach many times the payout totals of the previously mentioned fruit varieties.
    • Seven: The red seven is the jackpot symbol, so to speak, which can result in the highest payouts. A 100x payout of the line bet can be achieved if a row of 5 lines up on the screen.
    • Stars: This main symbol is a very special one, as we will explain in more detail below – however, it does not result in any payouts of its own.

All symbols in the game require at least three in a row to trigger a win. With two adjacent symbol characters, there are still no payouts here.

A Novoline slot machine that is easy to understand for everyone, which can be found in the fruit slot category of many online casinos on the net.

Are there also special features in the fruity Power Stars slot?

Unlike so many classic fruit machines, especially those that are kept in the traditional 3 reel format, this game comes up not only with a 5 reel game design, but also with a few special features:

Wild Symbol: Wild symbols are arguably the most basic special feature in the slot game – and as such, they are also integrated into the Power Stars slot machine. The star is the wild symbol here, which can form winning combinations together with other symbols. But that’s not all – this is even an expanding wild symbol, which expands to cover the entire reel when you get it to stop on the screen.

The star can appear on the middle three reels.

**Free Spins: Most games use scatter symbols to award the player with free spins. Not so in this game. Here the wild symbol provides the so popular free spins. Each time the star has expanded to cover the entire reel, it is held in place while the other reels spin again. If you get another star on another reel, it will expand as well and another spin, with the stars held in place, will be triggered. Thus, you can get up to three free spins at a time. Often, such spins where certain characters are held in place are also referred to as re-spins.

Gamble Option: Yes, the well-known risk game of the gambling world is also present in this slot game. Before you bet all your winnings here, we recommend the player to first try out this feature when playing Power Stars for free. This way, you will quickly see that this is really only a 50% chance of winning. So if you hope to tap on the right card color every time and thus double all winning amounts, you will probably be disappointed.

**There are no other bonus games, multipliers or similar in the game – after all, they want to keep the character of a classic fruit slot machine. The rules are therefore extremely easy to understand and make this game a suitable game also for all those who want to get into the slot game for the first time, who want to play Power Stars for free and thus get to know it risk-free and who simply want to relax while playing without any strategy considerations.

Simple fruit enjoyment with a little something extra – play Power Stars for free now.

Playing slot machines for free without registration is not only recommended for new player friends on the net, but also for experienced gamblers who would like to relax. If you are in the mood for fruity and at the same time simple fun, then go ahead and play Power Stars for free!

  • Ideal combination of classic fruit machine and interesting features.
  • Free Spins / Re-Spins for additional chances to win available.
  • Expanding wild symbol available.
  • Individually adjustable number of lines and bet amount.
  • Autoplay game option given.

Versatile reasons that speak for a try at this slot machine. And the best thing is that you can do it even without registration. The free demo game version is just a single click away. Gaming pleasure without the risk of loss, without a guilty conscience and without any problems – this is now possible with this slot game from the Austrian provider Novomatic.

Our conclusion about the game shows that you can really enjoy the fruity gaming fun here. A reputable game from a reputable provider guarantees a successful game. Even if the slot does not come up with various complex features, the selectively chosen special functions provide the necessary variety and the extra kick with additional excitement in the course of the game. Just try it out now and experience the high relaxation factor of this slot machine for yourself.

Wager money and really clean up – play Power Stars with real money

Had enough of playing Power Stars for free without registering? Are you looking for pure excitement and the chance to take home real money winnings?

Then go ahead and play for real money on this Novoline slot machine! Just find a reliable casino site on the net where you can play with real money, and the game can begin.

Not enough change in your pocket? Don’t worry – as a player, you still don’t have to miss out on the real money gaming fun with Power Stars. Many gaming sites offer a no deposit online casino bonus for new customers. This means that you can start playing directly in real money mode without having to make a deposit of your own. Only a registration on the site is necessary. Once you have done this, you can then proceed directly with the game for real money and perhaps soon go home with a little more change in your pocket.

Why you should choose the Power Stars Game?

  • Classic casino atmosphere for authentic gaming enjoyment.
  • Respectable RTP of over 95%.
  • Gamble option available for added thrill.
  • Fast paced game play with low complexity.

So ideal for the quick and potentially lucrative slot game in between – whether on PC, tablet or smartphone, this slot convinces.

How to Win at Power Stars in the Casinos

To win at this slot, you need at least 3 identical symbols that are right next to each other. It does not matter in this slot whether they run from left to right or from right to left.

Power Stars Slot Game Game Rules

Although you can sometimes read that there are certain strategies and tricks to win at slot games, you should not believe these statements, because these games are purely games of chance. And either you are lucky or you are not!

Power Stars free play of Novoline winning combinations

Things to know about the Power Stars game

Anyone who sits down at a slot machine usually wants to start gambling right away. And as tempting as this may be, you should first have enough information about the slot before you start playing. For example, you should know if there are any special features or extras that you can use to increase your chances of winning or not – especially when playing for real money. Here we give you a small summary of the most important features of Power Stars:

Power Stars play winlinen

  • Autoplay Option: TheseNovoline games all have an autoplay feature.
  • Bonus Rounds: The slot does not have bonus rounds, but it does have a gamble feature. Here you can double your winnings with a little luck.
  • Free Spins: Yes, there are free spins in this slot.
  • Wild Symbol: The golden star is the wild symbol in this game and can not only substitute for other symbols, but also help you get extra payouts.
  • Win Lines: There are a total of 10 paylines here.
  • Reels: The slot machine has 5 reels.
  • Maker: This slot was made by the software developer Novomatic.
  • Highest Payout: The number 7 is the symbol that is worth the most and whoever has 5 of them on the reels will get paid 100 times their bet.

Power Stars free play online Seven symbol Power Stars free play online golden bell symbol Power Stars free play online Watermelon symbol Power Stars free play online Grapes symbol Power Stars free play online Plum symbol Power Stars free play online Orange symbol Power Stars free play online Lemons symbol Power Stars free play online cherries symbolYou can play Power Stars for free, with no registration or obligations, and this is an offer that every player should take advantage of. On the one hand, it means that you can save yourself from filling out a registration form and start gambling right away and on the other hand, you don’t have to worry about your finances since you are not playing for real money. So if you want to practice a bit in the casinos before getting down to business, you can do so without any problems – and for as long as you want. And when you are more familiar with the slot, you can still play it for real money in one of the numerous online casinos.

Power Stars slot details

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