Raccoon Tales by Evoplay

Raccoon Tales Online Slot free games by Evoplay Entertainment

Raccoon Tales by Evoplay Entertainment is a funny video slot with very good animations in the style of a cartoon. The main character is a nimble raccoon who has to face monsters and dragons on his way. There is a large playset where clusters can be formed in various directions. Now, if you want to go in search of treasures with a cute raccoon in a dreamlike fairy tale world, you can play Raccoon Tales for free on this homepage.

Game structure

Raccoon Tales online has a rather unusual game structure. There are no reels and paylines, as you are used to from many other slots. The game set consists of 49 tiles placed on a 7×7 grid. A wild symbol can be used to help form winning combinations with the wild feature. Additionally, a scatter symbol occurs in the game. There are three different types of free spins. Additionally, there are three random events and five different monster fights, each of which has a different bonus. If you would like to see all this with your own eyes, you can play Raccoon Tales for free here.

Graphics & Sounds

Raccoon Tales takes place in a fairytale world from Evoplay Entertainment. With a little raccoon you go off on a discovery tour. You have to fight against malicious monsters. You can either defeat the monster or send it fleeing. In the free game feature you even have to face one of the three dragons. If you manage to defeat a dragon, you can expect good winnings. If you are not afraid of evil monsters, you can play Raccoon Tales now.

Tips & Tricks

Here you can play Raccoon Tales for free!

In a demo version you can get to know every slot game on this site without registration and familiarize yourself with the rules of the game completely free of charge. Of course, you will get a complete description of the game in German language as a support.

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Raccoon Tales – Wild Monster Fights

Raccoon Tales is very innovative in terms of gameplay. Evoplay Entertainment has equipped the game set with 49 characters. Winning combinations consist of at least five equivalent icons that are vertically or horizontally adjacent. Characters from a winning combination dissolve and create space for more game symbols, which hold out the prospect of additional winning opportunities. Randomly, a battle against a monster or a random event can be triggered in the base game. If you would like to get to know this game better, you can play Raccoon Tales for free now.


In Raccoon Tales online, there are eight different gems that appear as the main characters. These are represented in the game in the following colors:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Light blue
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink


The wild symbol in Raccoon Tales online is a colorful gemstone. The colorful stone can be used as a wild and substitute for the rest of the stones.


A golden key is the scatter symbol in Raccoon Tales slot. Three keys appearing on the screen in a game round will trigger the free spins feature.


There are three different types of features in Raccoon Tales online.

Random Event

There are three different events that can be randomly activated after a winless game round:

  • Big Wild: Four adjacent symbols are turned into Wilds.
  • Pleasant Surprise: All symbols on the center reel are turned into a random symbol.
  • Key: One random symbol is turned into a scatter.

Monster Fight

Randomly in Raccoon Tales, in any game round in the base game, one of the five monsters can appear and call for battle. The monster can be defeated and a bonus is paid if you can destroy at least 16 characters by winning combinations.

  • Green Monster: All regular symbols on a vertical or horizontal line are turned into a random symbol.
  • Red Monster: Nine adjacent symbols are turned into a random symbol.
  • Blue Monster: Five to nine random symbols are turned into Wilds.
  • Gray Monster: One random symbol on each reel is turned into a Wild.
  • Red Dragon Monster: Two random symbols are turned into scatters.

Free Spins

In the free spins feature, you can play ten free spins in Raccoon Tales. In the feature, one of the three dragons randomly appears, which the raccoon has to face in a battle. Each dragon provides a certain feature. By winning combinations, you can hit the dragon with an attack and thus upgrade the respective feature in 5 levels. After 150 destroyed tiles, the dragon is considered defeated and you get an additional bonus of 50 times the bet amount.

Green Dragon

  • Level 1 – multiplier of times 2
  • Level 2 – multiplier of times 3
  • Level 3 – multiplier of times 4
  • Level 4 – multiplier of times 5
  • Level 5 – multiplier of times 6

Blue Dragon

  • Level 1 – 2 double wild symbols
  • Level 2 – 3 double wild symbols
  • Level 3 – 4 double wild symbols
  • Level 4 – 5 double wild symbols
  • Level 5 – 6 double wild symbols

Red Dragon

  • Level 1 – Up to 4 turn into Wild symbols
  • Level 2 – Up to 8 turn into Wild symbols
  • Level 3 – Up to 12 turn into Wild symbols
  • Level 4 – Up to 16 turn into Wild symbols
  • Level 5 – Up to 20 turn into Wild symbols


Raccoon Tales has betting options ranging from 0.10 to 500.00.

RTP (theoretical Return To Player)

Raccoon Tales slot has an RTP of 96%.

Play Raccoon Tales for free without registration

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Play Raccoon Tales for free now!

Raccoon Tales – An exciting slot machine!

Raccoon Tales is a stunning slot from Evoplay Entertainment. It is a pleasure to be able to play such a game. Although individual mini-wins turn out to be quite small, overall there are significant winning opportunities.

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