rEvolution by Booming Games

rEvolution by Booming Games

rEvolution is a really cool slot machine from Booming Games. It is about monkeys on the war front. The monkeys are in human form and have human characteristics. Look forward to innovative features through the scatter symbols and multiple wild symbols.

It is simply incredible what Booming Games has come up with. The monkeys wear suits, smoke cigars and have their pockets full of money. Oh yeah, not to mention that the gangster monkeys have guns and don’t look like they’re kidding around. The layout consists of a penthouse in a skyscraper with large windows. A gloomy atmosphere is created. The graphics can hardly be distinguished from animated Hollywood movies or latest computer games. The game is played on 4 reels with 16 paylines. It is almost certainly the right game for anyone who likes gangster movies and has a penchant for sci-fi. You can also try Sizzling Hot games.

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rEvolution – The rules

rEvolution online is a slot game where everyone is looking for its equal. The animations are top-accurate as are the complete graphics. The monkeys look almost realistic with their zombie-like red glowing look. Characters and other icons are the main characters, all of which are animated.

Standard icons

  • An embryo in a jar
  • A graffiti with a monkey face
  • A monkey with a cigar
  • A monkey with a shotgun
  • A full-breasted hostage with a bag over his head
  • A human skull bone as an ashtray
  • A monkey with a magnum


The wild is a newspaper and can substitute for the standard symbols if that leads to an advantage. From 2x there is a wild win.


The scatter is a strange machine with a bright yellow liquid. At 3x it triggers 10 free spins and rewards with an instant win.


A white building reminiscent of a government seat is the Special symbol. On winning combos, it bursts into flames during an animation. At 2x the Rotator Feature is triggered and there is an instant win. In the Rotator Feature, all symbols rotate once in a circle to create new constellations. The special symbol acts as a wild. If there are multiple Special symbols, they will rotate multiple times. Bonus wins are added with each rotation.

rEvolution play for free

Play rEvolution for free without registration and get familiar with the game. It arouses interest from the very first sight due to the graphics of a blockbuster and it is great fun to gamble. Of course, real bets increase the excitement, but the game is also fun just for fun. On Automatenspiele X you can play all slot games for free without registration.

Players who want to go big can explore the game and develop a strategy in the demo. The demo is the best training to know the slot like the back of your hand.

Sleepless nights beckon for many gamblers with this slot. The joy of playing lasts for a long time and encourages to continue playing. It takes a while until you have seen all the features and know the complete game.

It’s best to start right away, here at the online casino you can play rEvolution for free.

rEvolution – Play for real money

Be careful, when playing for real money you can quickly get gray hair. Go for that thrill and treat yourself to an unforgettable gaming experience online.

Tips & Tricks

It is very difficult to see through the paylines at first. Some symbols create winning combinations already with 2x, others only from 3x. For this reason, it is advisable to study the game in the demo before making big bets.


When it comes to stakes, you can save yourself the hassle of converting them into coins. With a fixed number of 16 paylines, you can bet between 0.01 and 5.00 per line.


On average, the payout is 95.64%.

rEvolution slot details

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