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Rise of Merlin online slot machine

Are you a fan of mystical stories, ancient mythology? Do you like Merlin, exciting, entertaining games? Then we might have the right thing for you. We present to you here and now a slot machine game that belongs to the genre of slot machines. The theme of the slot is – it’s easy to guess – Merlin. Specifically, we can tell you everything there is to tell about the Rise of Merlin slot machine from Play’n GO. For this purpose, our testers will take a close look at the game and give you their impressions. What you read here is a summary of all the facts, figures and features. We reveal all the rules, tips and tricks. If there is a strategy that helps you win, we will write about it as well. By the way, you can play Rise of Merlin for free without registration. Here with us. As we said. Free of charge. Without registration. Just like that. Just for fun. To get to know the game at your leisure and try out everything we describe here.  Let’s start from the beginning. First, a few dry numbers. After all, it is on the basis of these numbers that slot machines are often compared with each other.

The manufacturer Play’n GO brought the game Rise of Merlin online in June 2019. And promptly started a run in various online casinos in Germany. Because slots like these seem to be exceedingly tempting. What can you expect? There are 5 reels filled with a wide variety of symbols that fit the theme. 3 rows are visible. Across this visible field, 10 predefined paylines can be found. If you want to know how these exactly run, you have to look at the game information. There they are outlined in detail. The theoretical payout probability is 94.51%. This is a pretty average value. The volatility is high. This means that you can definitely hope for very high winnings in the Rise of Merlin slot. The symbols and their frequency and course on the visible field decide about victory and defeat, respectively, about the amount of the winnings. These main symbols can be found in the game. We sort them in descending order of value:

  • Mirror (scatter symbol, wild symbol).
  • Merlin the wizard
  • Red Dragon
  • White Dragon
  • Owl
  • Card symbols (A – K – Q – J – 10)

The fast counter has already seen it. You can expect a total of 10 different symbols, all of which are NOT stacked. We emphasize this because it is not uncommon in video slots to find the same symbol stacked multiple times. This is not the case with Rise of Merlin. And with that, it’s time to move on to the gameplay. So now comes the practice. Speaking of practice. You should be playing Rise of Merlin for free by now. Do you? If not, catch up. It’s worth it.

How to play Rise of Merlin online?

The game loads reasonably fast. When it loads, you are greeted with some useful tips in German. For example, you learn that there are free spins and that you can expect an “extended symbol” within the free spins.  How you get there and what it is all about, you will learn a bit later. We’ll stay true to our pace and explain everything step by step and play Rise of Merlin online.

Playing starts with the fact that you have to define a bet. This is no different with Play’n GO than with other manufacturers and no different with Rise of Merlin than with other video slots. And it also makes no difference whether you play Rise of Merlin for free or whether you wager real money online. You have three set screws when you set the bet. The coin value, the number of coins per payline and the number of paylines you want to play. The bet can thus be flexibly defined between 0.01 EUR and 100 EUR. Every risk type will find the bet that suits them.

Then you spin the reels. For this you have two options. Are you more of a spectator type? Then you will want to use the autospin of Rise of Merlin. Simply set how long or often you want it to do the spinning for you, and the game will run on its own. But beware: when you use this feature, you automatically skip another one. Namely, the gamble feature when you have a win. What this is, we explain further below. The connoisseur and the one who likes to continue gambling with the win will prefer the manual mode, especially since he can stop the reels himself even prematurely again and thus actively intervene in the game.

When the reels have stopped, a picture appears. If you have winning combinations, they will be displayed and the winnings will be paid out immediately. Winning combinations consist of at least 3 identical symbols lined up along a payline, starting from the left edge. More identical symbols mean a higher win, and the more valuable the symbol, the higher the win then too. If you like to play Rise of Merlin for free, it is best to do so immediately. Learn the game as long as you do not have to pay anything for it. You will then use the knowledge you have gained in the game for real money. And that brings us to the features of the game.

Wild Symbol

Fortunately, there is a wild symbol. The meaning of the wild is that of a joker. The mirror has this function. And this means that the mirror can substitute for any other symbol in the Play’n GO game Rise of Merlin. If you see a red dragon on each of the first two reels and a mirror on the third – and these three symbols follow a winning line, then you are already on the winning side when playing Rise of Merlin. At the same time, the wild can also take another shape. If you have an ace symbol on the first two reels in parallel to the aforementioned one – and the combination of A – A – mirror is on another payline, the wild acts as an ace in that case and there is another win.

Scatter Symbol

But the most beautiful thing is that the mirror is not only wild symbol, but also scatter symbol. This means that if you see at least 3 mirrors anywhere on the field, you get an instant win – regardless of whether these mirrors are on a payline or not. This is the advantage of the scatter. And there is a second nice feature: if you find at least 3 scatter symbols in Rise of Merlin slot, you get free spins. 8 free spins are waiting for you in that case. Before these start, a symbol is determined in Rise of Merlin online, which will appear as an extended symbol in the free spins. Alright, this is not quite correct yet. The symbol becomes an expanded symbol if it appears in the first place and secondly, this expansion would bring wins. This means that up to 9 fields will be filled with this symbol. The logical consequence is a lot of big wins. A maximum of 25,000 coins can be won in the free spins. That is quite a lot. However, it gets even better. If you don’t believe it, you should play Rise of Merlin for free.

Even during the Free Spins you can trigger more Free Spins. You “only” need 3 scatter symbols again. Then there are 8 spins on top. And again, a special extending symbol is randomly determined in Rise of Merlin. You now have 2 of the same. The chances of high winnings thus increase further and further. If you are very lucky, you can trigger multiple free spins and have several extending symbols. Then it jingles quite violently in the game cash.

Gamble Feature

We already mentioned it above. There is a gamble feature. And this means that you can continue to gamble with a win you have made in a game. In a sense, you are playing “double or nothing”. The bet is your win. And you can only start the feature itself when you manually spin the reels. Autospin skips this feature.

Let’s say you have won 10 coins in a game. Now you want to multiply these. You click on “Gamble” and a new screen loads. In the middle of the Rise of Merlin Bonus Feature you will see a card face down. On the front it will show an ace. But is this black or white? If you guess the right color, you get your winnings doubled. If you are wrong, you lose. But Play’n GO goes one step further. You can even quadruple the winnings. You “only” have to predict the right symbol. So: hearts, spades, clubs or diamonds? Again, if you guess correctly, the winnings are quadrupled when playing Rise of Merlin. Otherwise it is gone.

You can play up to 5 times in a row. The limit for the maximum win is 2500 coins. More is not possible. When you’ve pushed your luck enough, just click “Collect” and it’s back to normal play.

Conclusion about playing Rise of Merlin for free

Playing Rise of Merlin online is really fun. Great symbols, exciting sound, very coherent and exciting gameplay. Many and above all also high winnings – player’s heart what more do you want. That’s more or less how we could summarize our experience. In fact, it took quite a while in the test until we made it to the free spins for the first time. There were 2 scatters often. But 3? After a good 150 spins, the time had come. Our attempt fell on fertile ground. 8 Free Spins. And the wizard is our special symbol. And only 3 Free Spins later again – 3 mirrors. Wow. We were amazed. The red dragon brought more extending symbols.

And just before the end of the free spins we hit again. This time a card symbol was our lucky charm. What can we say? What lasts long, finally becomes good? We don’t know. But one thing has proven to be true: Play Rise of Merlin for free without registration. Because in the test without costs you can try as long as you like. And you can vary the stakes as you like. If you have little luck with the very small stakes, you might just break the streak of bad luck by trying higher stakes. Or you can do what we do. We developed a gut feeling that told us when we could expect higher winnings again. The stakes were raised. And promptly the winnings came. So that you can enjoy this experience without any costs, you should play slot machines for free with us, simply without any obligation, without registration. Go ahead, try it out. The entertainment is right in any case. And whether you want to play later in the German casino for real money, still decide you, not us.

How to play Rise of Merlin online for real money.

So it’s up to you whether you want to play Rise of Merlin for free or if you’d rather go all out and risk real money. The options for both are available. If you prefer the free game, whether it’s to practice, get to know the features, or just to sweeten your day and enjoy entertainment at its best, just use our demo version. If you want to wager money and, more importantly, win, then you should consider an option to start with a matching bonus. Because if you do it smartly, you will play for real money, but you won’t have to invest any money.

The magic word is registration bonus. Or also no deposit bonus. You get free spins without deposit in various online casinos if you look for it. For the most part, you don’t even need a bonus code to enjoy this gift. The nice thing is that with this free spins bonus, you can continue playing Rise of Merlin for free, although you can win real money – with the necessary luck, of course. By the way, you cannot withdraw the winnings from the free spins immediately. You have to convert the money won, which is classified as bonus money, into real money first. How this works in detail is revealed in the bonus conditions or the terms and conditions. Only so much is revealed: You have to use this sum several times at slots, probably over 30 times. For this, you can also fall back on Rise of Merlin, for example. Or any other slot that is suitable for this conversion. If you still have winnings in your account after that, you’ve done it. Then you can withdraw these winnings up to a certain amount. If that’s not a rosy outlook…?

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