Rock N Roller by Playtech

Overview of the slot Rock N Roller by Playtech.

In this brilliant slot from Playtech, you can continuously hear The King Elvis warbling his Rock N Roll. For every winning combination that occurs, it then also plays a little piece of Rock N Roll. But even as the reels spin, it plays a little guitar riff with a flourish as soon as they stop. Rock N Roller is a true one-armed bandit with three reels and three rows. When playing, you can bet on up to five paylines. The whole playing field is virtually on the stage right above is the complete paytable with all the instruments. The main characters are listed from the lowest to the highest:

  1. the drum
  2. the harmonica
  3. the electric guitar
  4. the gold record
  5. platinum record

How to play Rock N Roller online

The controls

On our site you can play Rock N Roller for free without registration. Not only can you figure out your strategy, but you can also familiarize yourself with the controls. The bet amount can be set in a range from 0.01 to 5. Use the minus button on the left to reduce the bet to the possible minimum of 0.01. Use the plus button on the other side to increase it to the maximum of 5. The current bet per payline is always displayed in the center.

Below the game field in the center you will find three buttons that control the game:

  • The left button “Bet a coin” allows you to select the number of paylines. Whenever you click it, the respective payline will be displayed at the top of the game field. There is a maximum of 5 paylines. Three run horizontally at the bottom, middle and top and two are the diagonals.
  • In the center you will find the “Spin” button. This will start a single game with the current bet set.
  • To the right of it, you can click on “Maximum Bet”. This will start the reels for a single game with the highest possible bet of 25.
  • At the very top you will find a loudspeaker icon to adjust the volume.
  • Right next to it you will find various settings in the wrench. The rules are also hidden there.

The display fields in Rock N Roller

The most important thing in any slot machine from Playtech is, of course, the playing field. You can see it here in the center of Rock N Roller. There are the three reels with the 3 rows of symbols. And this is also where the paylines are displayed. To the left of the game field, the bet is displayed. This results from the bet per line, multiplied by the number of set paylines below. This is how the maximum bet of 25 is calculated, which is the bet of 5 multiplied by 5 paylines. To the right of the game field you will see the winnings from the last game. And just above the game field, the paytable is displayed, as follows:

  1. 3 any blanks win 2 times the bet.
  2. 3 any instruments get 5 times the bet
  3. 3 drums win 25 times the bet
  4. 3 harmonicas win 40 times the stake
  5. 3 electric guitars win 50 times the stake
  6. 3 any plates win 100 times the stake
  7. 3 gold records win 150 times the stake

Additionally, 3 platinum plates win different amounts per payline:

1st payline: 400 times the bet.
2nd payline: 475 times the bet
3rd payline: 550 times the bet
4th payline: 625 times the bet
5th payline: 700 times bet

Play Rock N Roller for free

When you play Rock N Roller for free, you can let the video slot run wild and enjoy the music. In the test mode you can play the slot for free without registration. It is always a good idea to play the game Rock N Roller for free first to get familiar with the gameplay.

Play the Rock N Roller slot game with real money

However, with a payout rate of 96.84%, every player should play the slot Rock N Roller not only for free. Because when Rock N Roller is played for free, no real money is won. Therefore, it is a good strategy to first collect the no deposit bonus in an online casino. Then you can play Rock N Roller completely relaxed.

Rock N Roller slot details

Wild Symbol
Scatter Symbol