Rock On! by Rival

Rock on! from Rival

The atmosphere at a rock concert is unique. Rival has managed to capture the special character and sizzling atmosphere of a real concert in a slot game called Rock on! slot machine game. This virtual slot machine also offers the possibility to play Rock on! for free.

Rock on! online – overview and features

Rival has implemented the rock ‘n’ roll theme down to the smallest detail. On the five reels of the Rock on! main characters can be seen, which are reminiscent of the great rock stars of the last 50 years. When the player spins the reels, a casual guitar riff is heard while the crowd cheers loudly in the background of Rock on! The beauty of this game is that there is no need to register at the virtual casino to get started right away.

Rock on! online – Rival has developed a slot machine of the future with this game, which makes you want to play more just because of the exciting theme.

  • When playing Rock on! free play, the visitor can place his bets very precisely and thus prepare himself for an eventual round for real money.
  • While a fixed machine in the casino has hardly any possibilities for individualization, the player can independently select the winning combinations at Rock on! He has the choice between one winning line, which is quite classically located in the center, and up to 20 winning lines. But that’s not all, because within the game, additional options can be triggered by the appearance of certain icons.
  • While you can play Rock on! for free without registration or for real money in the casino, you should of course pay attention to the icons. Thus, wild symbols and scatter symbols can help multiply winnings or provide free spins for the visitor. An example of this is the drum set. If this appears more than three times on the reels of Rock on!, the position doesn’t matter, five bonus rounds are unlocked, in which again the wagered sum of the previous round is played for. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, depending on the number of drum sets that appear, the winnings are also multiplied. This means that a fivefold win is possible in a single round.

Conclusion & Rock on! play for free

Quickly, you literally get the hang of this slot. If you feel unsure, you can first play Rock on! for free and later try the game with real money. The very small stakes make it possible for the player to get in step by step and to act in an observing role at the beginning.

Rock on! free to play is the perfect start into the game! With us you can play this slot machine for free without registration – this is a good opportunity to get to know the game more closely without any worries.

Rock on! by Rival – play for real money

Once you understand the bonus system and know the rules by heart, you can play Rock on! by Rival can be played for real money. The smallest possible bet is just 1 cent and those who ride a wave of luck can bet up to 50 euros. In this way, every player can direct this rocking game exactly according to his ideas and the fun is guaranteed not to come up short. The no deposit casino bonus is a nice extra that adds extra whimsy to playing Rock on! makes.

Rock On! slot details

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