Rocket Stars by Evoplay

Rocket Stars online slot free games from Evoplay Entertainment

Rocket Stars by Evoplay Entertainment is a fascinating video slot with very interesting extra features. You have to help the funny little men to build a real rocket. After that, it’s off high into the air for the conquest of space. Unfortunately, the workers are not always so attentive when building rockets and there may be one or two mishaps. If you don’t want to miss out on this fun, you can play Rocket Stars for free now.

Game structure

The game structure of Rocket Stars online is very multi-faceted. On the way to space, you are kept entertained with a lot of bonus. The five reels are each populated with three symbols. Winning combinations can be generated on the 20 fixed paylines. The wild symbol and the scatter symbol are combined in one character. The wild function can be used to replace the other characters. In addition, this character is needed to build the rocket. If you manage to collect a certain number of these icons, then the free spins are activated. In the free spins feature, there is a multiplier that can be upgraded in the course. After all the free spins have been completed, the winnings are multiplied by the multiplier earned. Additionally, there are two Random Features that can be activated on any spin. The Random Features each transform some symbols into a random symbol. All in all, the game system promises a lot of variety. If you would like to fly into the cosmos for once, you should definitely play Rocket Stars for free.

Graphics & Sounds

Rocket Stars has a very lively layout. The gameplay takes place in a factory where a rocket is being built. The funny little men get up to a lot of mischief at work and have a lot of fun. The foreman controls the work processes and in between even the professor comes to check up on them. Once the rocket has been built, it is launched and you can fly into space together with the funny men. Due to some construction errors, it can happen that the rocket breaks on its way. After that, you have to build a new rocket. All in all, Evoplay Entertainment has created a very funny scenario that is guaranteed to bring a smile to many players’ faces. If you would like to be part of a real rocket building and maybe help a little, you can play Rocket Stars now.

Tips & Tricks

Here you can play Rocket Stars for free!

If you would like to enjoy this slot game without registering, you can find a demo version for free on this website. The game description is in the German language and you get a lot of helpful tips.

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Rocket Stars – When building rockets

The rules of Rocket Stars are not easy to get through at first glance. However, once you have played a few rounds, the game is self-explanatory. Evoplay Entertainment has focused on a very varied gameplay for this game. Only once you have determined the game stakes, you can start playing the game. There are two random features that can be used randomly on any spin. If you would like to take off into the air now, you can play Rocket Stars for free.


In Rocket Stars online you will find eight main characters on the game set. Winning combinations can be created from at least three of the same characters.

  • An astronaut helmet
  • A space shuttle
  • Astronaut shoes
  • One astronaut glove
  • Four different emblems

Scatter Wild

The galaxy is the scatter wild in Rocket Stars online. The galaxy has the wild function and it can be used to substitute for all other symbols. Also, independent combinations can be formed with this symbol. Additionally, galaxies are collected within several game rounds for the rocket build.

Rocket building

All galaxies that appear within many game rounds in the Rocket Stars slot are needed for the rocket construction. As soon as you have collected 15 galaxies, you will see the first progress in the construction. With 30 galaxies, the construction of the rocket is completed and the rocket starts to take off. The free spins begin.

Free spins

In the free spins feature, you can play ten rounds of Rocket Stars for free. Each scatter wild that appears in the feature provides another free spin and increases the multiplier. The multiplier starts at times one. After the free spins have been completed, the total win is multiplied by the multiplier achieved.

Random Features

Rocket Stars has two different random features that can be randomly activated in each game round.

  • Star Gates: Five or six Star Gates land on random reel slots and transform the icons behind the Star Gates into a random symbol.
  • Space Gate: In Rocket Stars online, the Space Gate can appear on the middle three reels and transform all icons behind the Space Gate into a random symbol.


In Rocket Stars, only total bets between 0.10 and 300.00 can be placed on all 20 paylines in each game round.

RTP (theoretical Return To Player)

The average payout rate for Rocket Stars slot is 96.04% in the long run.

Play Rocket Stars for free without registration

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Play Rocket Stars for free now!

Rocket Stars – On the way to the cosmos

Rocket Stars is a fabulous slot from Evoplay Entertainment with a fun game structure. There are plenty of chances to clear off good winnings. It might be worthwhile to play the game for a longer time. The free spins feature is activated only after collecting 30 scatter wilds within several game rounds.

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