Royal Spins by IGT

Royal Spins Online Slot – Rating and Overview

IGT is known for its mix of very special online slots that have a new bonus feature ready for almost every spin, as well as those slots that are considered “oldschool” but always have a little secret up their sleeve. This is exactly the case with Royal Spins from IGT, which at first glance seems to be nothing out of the ordinary, but the player should not be fooled.

Before giving too much away in the introduction, we would like to give you just one tip: Look for the crown and become a king! By the way, you can play Royal Spins for free and try out the video slot without having to risk losing your hard-earned money. This is a very interesting alternative, especially for beginners.

Royal Spins – structure and overview

The structure of Royal Spins Online is based on the classic structure of conventional video slots. We are looking at five reels with three rows each. The number of paylines is also very manageable with five. However, it should be mentioned at this point that the player can arrange the symbols in Royal Spins not only from left to right, but also from right to left on the paylines, which results in increased chances of winning.

  • Paylines – 5 (x2)
  • Symbols – cherries, oranges, plums, oranges,

bells, 7s

  • Minimum bet – 0,01 Euro
  • Maximum bet – 5,00 Euro
  • Wild symbol – NO
  • Scatter Symbol – YES
  • Bonus Features – NO
  • Jackpot – YES
  • Free Spins – YES

Although the game doesn’t splurge on too many bonus features, there are two features that should not be neglected especially because of the very attractive winning conditions.

– Kronen-Bonus-Feature – Dieses Feature könnte auch als Freispiel Feature genannt werden. It is unlocked once the player finds at least three crowns on the board. Following this, the player will receive 3, 5 or 10 free spins depending on the number of crowns. The special thing about these free spins is that the player receives additional winnings in each round according to the crowns that appear. However, these additional winnings are not based on the winnings during the free spins, but on the initial bet that is used to start the crown bonus feature. According to the crowns appearing on the playfield, the returns per spin are based on the following scheme:

  • 0 crowns = 1x original bet.
  • 1 crown = 2x original bet
  • 2 crowns = 6x original stake
  • 3 crowns = 12x original use
  • 4 crowns = 48x original stake
  • 5 crowns = 200x original stake

The player must not forget that he wins these amounts even if he does not get any combinations. The player can also continue to play Royal Spins for free if he generates more free spins with the help of 3 or more crowns during the free spins.

– Kirsch-Bonus-Feature – Obwohl Kirschen generell nicht wirklich als ertragreiches Symbol gelten, wird der Wert dieses Symbols bei Royal Spins auf ein ganz neues Niveau angehoben. Accordingly, the player will receive a progressive jackpot once he finds five cherry quintuplets over the entire period of his play.

The progressive jackpot is made up exclusively of previous wins that were formed in combination with 7s or their mere presence. The higher your bet, the higher the jackpot will be in the end!

Play Royal Spins for free

As already mentioned at the beginning of this article, the player can play Royal Spins for free at various providers as well as online casinos in order to get used to the environment and the video slot. Beginners should definitely take advantage of this possibility in order to be able to avoid any losses due to mistakes in the later course of the game.

In addition, you can play slots for free at various online casinos and get into the action immediately without registration. So you are not obliged to any subscriptions or to enter his personal data.

Our tip – take advantage of casino bonus offers

Those who prefer to play Royal Spins from IGT for real money should not disregard a crucial tip from our side. Because nowadays many online casinos offer a so-called casino bonus without deposit, with which you can start right away without having to deposit even a cent first at the online casino.


Although Royal Spins has a very simple structure as well as no big graphical accents, the game is fun especially because of its bonus feature. However, players who like action-packed and graphically complex slots will not find Royal Spins quite what they might imagine.

For beginners, however, this slot is highly recommended, as you don’t have to work too hard to have a good chance and a lot of fun with this slot.

Royal Spins slot details

Wild Symbol
Scatter Symbol