Runaway Train by Saucify


An uncontrollable train loaded with gold bars dominates this 3 reel slot from Saucify. The player is clearly going into a gold mine with this slot. While the 3 reels are found on the top left, the train and gold bars dominate the screen’s graphical setup, with the various payouts of winning moves shown on the top right. This game is similar to the Tails of New York slot machine.

The background music consists of metallic sounds, distant laughter and a repetitive melody – yet the sound is surprisingly realistic. However, not only the sound, but also the entire implementation of the mechanical theme is successful. The symbols consist of trains and gold bars, as well as the somewhat random appearing red 7. Due to the simple setup, the slot is also particularly well suited for mobile devices.

Setup of the slot

With 3 reels and 5 paylines, the trend of this slot is back to basics. The paylines consist of the three horizontal paylines top, middle and bottom, as well as the two diagonal lines starting from the top left and bottom left. The player can choose any number of paylines, but the order mentioned above is followed. The biggest winnings are waiting in the 5th payline, so it makes the most sense to play all paylines and, if you want to play with a small bet, set the coin value lower if necessary. The coin values can be between 0.01 and 1, so the maximum bet is 5. With this relatively low maximum bet, for so make players the autoplay option, with up to 100 spins, is probably an interesting alternative.

Winning symbols

As you would expect, the train brings the highest wins in this slot. Depending on which payline it appears on, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 or even 5000 coins await as payouts. Additionally, the train is the wild symbol of this game and thus can substitute for all other symbols to generate wins.

Smaller wins await the player when 3 of the other symbols appear in a row. 3 times the red seven will bring 150 coins, 3 of the 3 stacks of gold bars will bring 80, 3 of the 2 stacks will bring 50 and 3 of the single bars will bring 15 coins. The final row is a row of gold bars in different stack heights, which gives the player a payout of 4.


A successful 3 reel slot from Saucify, in which the developers have managed to keep the authenticity of a classic mechanical 3 reel slot while still building an exciting new world. The 5 paylines and the Wild Train provide excitement; the maximum jackpot of 5000 coins for a single spin for the joyful cheers in between. A successful slot with a train that brings almost uncontrollable winnings.

where does the next train leave?

Joy comes with this slot, because there are many extras and features that bring the machine to life. If you don’t know this game yet, you should catch up as soon as possible! You can test the slot just like the Sizzling Hot slot games without real money and registration. And just like the Lucky Lady Charm slot machines, you can play Runaway Train for free and without any obligations.

Runaway Train slot details

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