Sea Hunter by Play’n Go

Sea Hunter by Play’n GO

Sea Hunter slot game takes gamers to an underwater world where excitement is guaranteed. Instead of the usual peaceful atmosphere, Sea Hunter uses weapons that provide action.

Designed in 3D optics, the digital slot machine makes quite an impression and provides an exciting flair. Animations make the game look real and the sound adds to the atmosphere in the online casino.

Sea Hunter was created by the well-known software provider Play’n Go. This manufacturer is known for online slots, in which the attention to detail is present. In addition, Play’n Go games offer high chances of winning and are absolutely fair.

Sea Hunter users can choose to play for free or with real money stakes.

The rules of Sea Hunter

The bet amount per spin is between 0.05 and 100.

Once a gamer has selected his desired amount when playing Sea Hunter for free or with real money, he starts the slot. Three reels spin in three rows. The goal is to get a winning combination after the spin on one of the five paylines. This consists of three identical symbols.

Depending on the character, the winning amount in Sea Hunter online varies:

  • Joker multiplies x37.50
  • Dolphin multiplies bet x15
  • Squid multiplies bet x10
  • Rays multiplies bet x6
  • Turtle multiplies stake x4
  • Jellyfish multiplies stake x2
  • Pufferfish multiplies stake x1.40
  • Fish purple white striped multiplied stake x0.80
  • Clownfish multiplies stake x0.60

Features of the game Sea Hunter online

Besides the winning method by three of the same symbols, Sea Hunter offers bonus features that provide more entertainment and chances to win. These additional features are available when playing Sea Hunter for free as well as when playing for real money.

  • Cannon: There is a cannon on each side of the Sea Hunter slot. This has an indicator, which increases by one field by each win in a row. A loss causes the indicator to change back to zero.
    • If two winning combinations were hit in a row, the player receives a growth gun. This turns a random symbol into a high value character.
    • After four spins that have included a win, the so-called sticky shot follows. Equal characters stop and a free spin follows. By a loss the indicator does not change to, but by a winning combination it increases.
    • After five winning spins, the wild warhead is activated. This shoots one to three wild symbols to random places on the screen.
    • If the display is full by six wins in a row, there is a free spin again without scatter symbols, whose winnings are multiplied many times by a random generator.
  • Wild Symbol: The warhead is a wild and the main symbol in Sea Hunter, which substitutes for all symbols. When it appears on the screen in the online casino, it completes winning combinations.

Settings options in Sea Hunter

To make the game more comfortable, some settings that can be chosen at will help.

  • Autoplay: Due to the autoplay function, the gamer does not have to perform each spin by himself. Beforehand, the number and limit for the automatic spins can be set.
  • Flash: If this is clicked, the reels roll faster and in a short time so many rounds are possible.
  • Sound: Can be turned on and off at will.

Play Sea Hunter for free

To play Sea Hunter for free without registration, gamers simply click on the game. After a short loading time, the slot opens and you can start playing immediately.

Especially beginners should play Sea Hunter for free to familiarize themselves with the rules and many features. Winning chances are better estimated through experience and stakes can be varied.

With a suitable strategy, players have increased chances of winning in real money mode.

Playing slot machines for free without registration is suitable for users who want to play games of chance without any risks. The only disadvantage without registration is that winnings do not actually end up at the customer account in the online casino, where you can be requested for withdrawal.

Tips and tricks for Sea Hunter with real money stakes

  1. online casinos bonus without deposit should be used, so that gamers without their own investments have the chance to win. This should be followed by a suitable welcome bonus from the online casino, which can be easily implemented with its turnover requirements. Therefore, gamers should consider which casino to use beforehand to maximize the chances of winning.
  2. Sea Hunter, like all slots, is a pure game of chance. Even the best strategy cannot guarantee a win. Therefore, gamers should never lose sight of their budget and set limits that are adhered to.
  3. stakes should be changed after several spins to be able to compensate for losses or to win larger sums if the chances of winning increase. To keep this chance open, gamers start playing with small stakes.


Sea Hunter by Play’n Go offers high entertainment value and many winning opportunities due to the cannon feature. Therefore, the game is popular among gamers. Playing Sea Hunter for free as well as in real money mode is fun. Since the stakes can be set as desired, Sea Hunter is suitable for players with different budgets and gamers who have little money available keep the chance of winning with small bet amounts open.

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