Shocking Wild by Stake Logic

Shocking Wild online slot by StakeLogic – overview and game features.

Shocking Wild from 2017 is one of the simplest games from the Dutch manufacturer Stakelogic. Here you can already see the design philosophy, which is primarily designed for simple games. When you play the German demo version of this slot for free without registration, you will be greeted by a very minimalistic design. Behind the roller set you will see a purple background with a few animations, but more about the design of the game later. If you want to make your own first impression, you can test Shocking Wild online and for free on our site in the demo version.

The rules are kept simple as usual from Stakelogic: There are no overcomplicated special games or a confusing set of rules in this slot game. Should you play the demo version of Shocking Wild for free, you will notice that this slot machine is all about enjoying the game.

The first impression we had when we accessed Shocking Wild online was that this game is considered to be very minimalistic. The question arises whether playing Shocking Wild gets boring quickly or whether there are features that keep you motivated after all. We will answer this question in this article, moreover, we will explain how to play Shocking Wild for free without registration. But should you want to get an idea of the game already, you can play Shocking Wild for free.


Shocking Wild slot is composed of five reels with three rows each, in total you have the opportunity to play on 25 active paylines, which are counted only from left to right. Thus, countless winning combinations are possible. The amount of the bet can be set under “Total Bet”, but the higher the bet per line is defined, the higher the total bet is. The different paylines can be viewed in the information menu. To get an idea of this, you can play Shocking Wild for free.

Sound and Design

As mentioned above, the design is very minimalistic. You will be able to notice that as soon as you access Shocking Wild online. When you play Shocking Wild, the background is a purple area with small dots in the middle moving towards the player. Otherwise, the entire focus of this slot game is on the reels themselves, where the symbols are either colored gems or three different characters.

When it comes to the sound, Shocking Wild by Stakelogic is also relatively spartan: the background music is standard techno soundtrack, the wins and the activation of the reels are accompanied by appropriate but generic sounds. As a result, you are completely focused on the game itself, as the design fails to create any excitement or atmosphere. If you feel disturbed by the sounds when you play Shocking Wild for free without registration or gamble the game with real money, you can always turn off the audio accompaniment.

How to play Shocking Wild

In Germany, you can easily play Shocking Wild for free. In Shocking Wild you don’t need any special tricks, strategies or tactics as usual in computer games: you rely here on chance and your luck. There are, of course, one or two rules to follow in this game, but in general everything is very self-explanatory. When you play Shocking Wild online, you determine your bet and how much you want each of the paylines to be worth, and then you spin. Absolutely, you should keep in mind that the more bet per line, the higher the bet, but also the possible win.

The symbols in Shocking Wild

There are twelve symbols in total in Shocking Wild, these symbols are both the main characters and the wild symbols. At the beginning of each round, one of the nine gems is designated as the wild symbol, this gem then counts as any symbol, but does not span the entire row once it appears. A special feature that awaits you in Shocking Wild is that on each spin, you have the chance of two to five reels synchronizing. Should it be the case, the same lines will appear. There are no Free Spins, in German Free Spins, or Scatter symbols when you play Shocking Wild for free or even when you enjoy the game for real money. In the following list, the characters are ordered by the possible wins, with the lowest win first:

  • Purple Gem
  • Blue Gem
  • Green Gemstone
  • Red Gemstone
  • Yellow Gemstone
  • Turquoise Gemstone
  • Purple Gemstone
  • Orange gemstone
  • Diamond
  • Cherry
  • “7”
  • Bell

Follow our tip: Before you try your luck at this slot game with real money, you should first test it in our free demo version. While playing for free, you can get a feel for the stakes and the game in general. However, we have to admit that we quickly got bored with Shocking Wild, as there are no real features that could make the gameplay more exciting.

Winning possibilities in Shocking Wild

In the demo version of Shocking Wild it is possible to bet between 0,25€ and 50€. Thereby, even in the cheapest variant, you can get a profit of 10€ if the game appears five times. This is another reason why we recommend trying out the Shocking Wild slot for free first.

Conclusion: Play Shocking Wild online for free!

Should you desire a classic slot game, then you can check out Shocking Wild. Without any complicated special rules or additional games, you can sit back and enjoy a game here, but it must also be said that boredom can quickly arise with this game from Stakelogic. Are you interested, then we have compiled the best ways to play the slot for free without registration here.

Play Shocking Wild with real money

If you like Shocking Wild, but the free version just doesn’t offer you enough excitement or you want to challenge your luck for once, then you should play it once in a real casino or an online casino. So that you don’t get shocked by the overwhelming choice of casinos, we have listed the best options to play Shocking Wild in virtual arcades. In this selection, you can also find the most diverse bonuses, including welcome packages for newcomers, among which you can also discover free spins without deposit. With such a bonus, you can get started right away.

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