ShowMaster by Booming Games

ShowMaster free slot machine online by Booming Games

Every slot machine is an individual, but in some games the recognition value is particularly high. This casts a good light on the manufacturer, especially when such a game may also be tested for free. We would like to introduce you to such a slot game and its creator: It is ShowMaster by Booming Games. Here, all the criteria just mentioned were met, and we were able to convince ourselves of that when playing ShowMaster for free without registration. Are you interested in the ShowMaster slot and would like to know the rules? Then we will show you all the tips and tricks you need here!

Our experience with the ShowMaster Slot

Booming Games is a slot machine manufacturer that we rarely hear about in Germany. Presumably, this will change drastically – at the latest when it spreads among German players that you can play ShowMaster for free. In our opinion, Booming Games has achieved a masterpiece with this slot. We still perceived the game as quite unimpressive immediately after opening it, because it is modeled after a classic one-armed bandit. The winning symbols are classic fruits and stars, so nothing particularly exotic at first. It wasn’t until we clicked on SPIN that the machine literally swept us off our feet and completely captivated us. It is clearly not a 0-8-15 slot, but a unique one with many features, which we could immediately identify as a ShowMaster slot among thousands of games.

ShowMaster by Booming Games is pure entertainment

The strategy of Booming Games is ingenious. There is such a slot machine in the online casino, which looks completely innocent and then you are surprised with the certain “boom”. The title ShowMaster corresponds to the host of an entertainment show, and this game title was certainly not chosen by chance. Namely, the first peculiarity is that a ShowMaster online hosts the whole show! This means that when you play ShowMaster, you will constantly feel personally addressed and spurred on. You don’t know if you have just won Free Spins or another bonus and what to do next? In principle, this can’t happen at all if you haven’t set the volume control to zero, because the ShowMaster online announces every event loudly and congratulates you. There is also a proper applause from the audience. Thus, even when playing ShowMaster for free, you get the feeling that you are the center of attention and it has a great significance when you set the reels in motion. The ShowMaster and the virtual spectators are very eager.

A great show with the ShowMaster online

We would choose to play ShowMaster for free without registration any time when there is no entertaining quiz show on TV. Maybe you remember the old days, when Wheel of Fortune was still on TV and you always kept your fingers firmly crossed for the participants? It’s a bit like that with ShowMaster online, we would say. Times are changing, in the past ShowMaster worked in the evening entertainment program in front of the TV audience, now it seems they switched to casino. The moderation and also the music, everything is exceptionally professional. When playing, you feel like the contestant in a show broadcast online in front of an audience of millions. Of course, the audience is only fictional, so you won’t be watched by any real spectators while playing ShowMaster for free. Aber der außerordentlich  interaktive Charakter des Spiels und die Tatsache, dass der Einsatz von Echtgeld nicht notwendig ist, ließ bei uns schon so ein winziges Star-Gefühl aufkommen. We took the applause from the ShowMaster online and had to pat ourselves on the back less. By the way, that almost degenerated into work, because some highlight happened all the time!

How to play ShowMaster online without registration

Now all you have to do is learn how to start the show. This is quite easy and there is virtually no learning curve to pass. In fact, the controls are playfully easy to master, all you need to do first is press the start button. This is located on the right edge of the screen and can’t be overlooked thanks to its bright green color. When you press it, an ordinary rotation starts. Just to the left of the spin button, however, is a “+” switch that grants you some settings. For example, you can activate turbo spins, play with maximum bet or start 50 autospins. If you choose the latter option, the reels will spin automatically until the number of rounds is up or you press stop instead. ShowMaster holds a slot with five reels and lets you play on a total of 20 paylines. This number may be only slightly above average, but the game gets its quasi-cult status from its innovative bonus game. More on that later though!

The main characters in ShowMaster

As mentioned earlier, the winning symbols of this slot game resemble those of an old game, such as a one-armed bandit. This means that there is a colorful mix of fruit symbols and other main characters here. These, of course, have different monetary values, but we were able to sort them out correctly with a bit of trial and error. So you only need to take a quick look at our list to pick up all the relevant info, instead of having to puzzle forever. Well, it wouldn’t be that eternal, because the game isn’t too complicated. Maybe you will be happy about our help anyway. Please note, however, that the best symbols are at the bottom of the list, otherwise you’ll be completely baffled!

  • The card values Jack, Queen and King
  • The card symbol Ace
  • The Lemon
  • The cherry
  • The bell
  • The red seven

The special winning symbols and bonus rounds at ShowMaster

ShowMaster has come up with a particularly interesting bonus system in this game. No matter what kind of bonus you love, it is likely to be included in this game. We’ll explain how exactly when we get to the symbol in question. First of all, here is a special symbol that you surely already know:

Wild Symbol

Yes, there is a wild symbol. This one hasn’t even been changed much, which provides a good balance to the other bonus feature. Don’t know a wild yet? No problem, it is extremely easy to understand. Just think of it as a wild card, which can substitute for any other card in some card games. It is the same here, but in this case it is a diamond and it can replace other main characters. So, it is possible for the wild diamond to jump into any of the relevant winning combinations to complete the winning line. How convenient!

Bonus Symbol

After a dramatic drum roll, we can finally reveal the scatter symbol. The bonus wheel symbol can appear on reels 1 and 5. When it is pictured twice on your screen, you can spin the famous wheel of fortune and see which bonus you get to unlock. Oh, a little side note: the bonus symbol also counts as a wild. Thus, not only do you have two wild symbols, but also an armada of other bonus features, which we will now introduce to you. Which one you get, however, is completely random, but we promise you: Each of them is worth the spin!

  • Free Spins: You will randomly receive four or eight free spins, which you can use for some free spins.
  • Instant Prize: Spin another wheel to win between 5x and 5000x the value of your bet.
  • Wild Multipliers: Award each wild symbol a multiplier worth x2, x3 or x5, which is applied to any win involving that wild.
  • Bursting Wilds: Makes up to eight Wild symbols appear on random positions of your screen.
  • Royal Upgrade: Turns the Jack, Queen and King card values into Aces.
  • Major Upgrade: Turns all Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces into identical copies of another winning symbol type.
  • Wild Reels: Turns all wild symbols into wild reels, each covering the entire reel.

Our verdict: Playing ShowMaster for free is like watching a TV show.

Hopefully, you are now really interested in watching the game once with your own eyes. We understand that very well, that’s how it happened to us the first time we played ShowMaster for free. Yes, we always start with the free version first, as there is so much to learn within it. Playing slots for free without signing up is one of the only proven ways to learn and have fun at the same time without signing up and depositing real money. We certainly had the time of our lives playing ShowMaster this way, hopefully you will have a similar experience when you dive into the ShowMaster game for free on our portal. But what comes after that, if you don’t want to play this way anymore? Let’s take a look at that in a moment.

Playing ShowMaster for real money lets the player spin the wheel

The obvious alternative to the free version is the one with real money. However, it always depends on what the player wants to achieve in the first place. Win money? Then maybe a round of the real money version really is worth it. If not, we can definitely recommend playing ShowMaster for free. But if you choose the former option, you should be aware of some facts. One of them is the choice of the casino where you will actually play ShowMaster. Not only is respectability an important issue, but a good welcome bonus can give you a good cash head start when you then enter ShowMaster. Especially keep your eyes open for a bonus like no deposit free spins, this one is especially desirable. Also, always remember to have fun!

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