Sizzling Gems by Novoline

Play Sizzling Gems online from Novoline.

Sizzling Gems can be seen as a perfect complement to many other Novoline slots. Here, too, everything revolves around the theme of fruits and gaming fun. If you want, you can even play Sizzling Gems for free and thus get to know the slot machine in the casinos first. If you have understood the topic, you can still bet real money. Here you will learn important details that you can use to improve your strategy and also the rules that you should follow when you want to play Sizzling Gems for free.

If you want to play Sizzling Gems for free, you can do it anywhere. However, if you want to bet real money, you should choose an online casino no deposit bonus. Just take a look around.

How to play Sizzling Gems

Sizzling Gems by Novoline is a bit different from the usual fruit slots you have come across so far. Because in this game from Novoline, various gems swirl across the five available reels. Actually, it is a typical slot machine with different winning combinations. For this reason, it is also very suitable for beginners. The tip here with Sizzling Gems, however, is that you can’t change the five paylines. Additionally, you can find symbols like:

  • Plums
  • grapes
  • cherries
  • watermelons
  • lemons
  • and of course the 7

The 7 is the main character in the Novoline slot and does not occur very often. However, if it does, the winnings will be all the higher. There are also scatter symbols. In Sizzling Gems, the star has been chosen. This is also true if you want to play Sizzling Gems for free. However, the star does not unlock free spins, because the seven is responsible for that. Because that is the wild card in this game.

Play Sizzling Gems for free without registration

In many online casinos you can play Sizzling Gems for free. Actually, it is a variation of the classic Sizzling Hot and there are other similar slots like this on the market. In addition to Sizzling Gems, you can also play version 6 or the popular Hot Quattro. If you compare the different variations with each other, Quattro can convince with higher chances of winning compared to Sizzling Gems. Therefore, you can play the slot machine for free without registration in many online casinos. You should also definitely take a closer look at version 6. Because here there are 6 reels and wild symbols. The payout rate here is 95 percent and you can get started from a bet of 0.40 euros. There is also a card risk, which makes the game even more interesting.

Conclusion: Sizzling Gems online gambling is simply fun

If you want to gamble Sizzling Gems, you can expect a lot of fun. Here you will find elaborate graphics and animations and the machine really looks very classy. Everything revolves around the theme of gems and fruits. The maximum win here is 2,500 times the bet that was made. Other games can do more, but are not always so easy to play. In addition, you will often find smaller winnings at Sizzling Gems. And if you meet the right casino, there is also a great bonus to welcome you. If you don’t care about that and just want to have fun, you should choose the free version. Here you do not take any risk and you can simply gamble without registering.

However, you should only play the game in the best casinos. Because only here you can get a great welcome bonus or with a little luck a no deposit bonus.

Sizzling Gems slot details