Sizzling Hot Quattro by Novoline

If you are looking for a challenge in the gambling field, a short click on the game Sizzling Hot Quattro, which comes from the game producer Novoline, is enough. The gaming pleasure is really fourfold here. You too can play Sizzling Hot online free slot.

Those who know the original slot Sizzling Hot will definitely recognize it immediately in this game. And this is in fourfold execution. Namely, the game structure shows four playing fields, each with a 5×3 structure and associated 5 paylines.

How you can play on these four machines at the same time, what makes this game so special, and whether it is basically recommendable and a good idea to try out this quadruple machine in the online casino, we will now take a look here.

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Quadruple hot gaming pleasure with Sizzling Hot Quattro

These two characteristics, hot and quadruple, perfectly describe the essence of this slot machine from Novoline. And besides that, for the risk-taking players and those who want to push the excitement factor in this slot game to the max, there is the Gamble feature, which is extremely popular with this developer (more on that later).

Basically, the game proceeds in a few steps:

  • Activate lines and thus select game fields: Depending on how many paylines you have activated, this automatically calculates the number of active game fields. There are four fields (ergo the name Quartet) with 5 lines each. So if you choose 5 one field is activated, at 10 you spin on two fields, at 15 on 3 and at 20 on 4 fields. This means that all lines must always be activated per set – just as you know it from the original slot machine game.
  • Set Stakes: The bet is set individually by the gambler. Depending on the game site, the possible bet values differ. As a rule, you can already play with a few cents.
  • Set the reels in rotation: Simply start the slot machine, and the active reels will spin.
  • Gamble function claim: If you like to experience more risk in this slot game, you can select the gamble function after each winning combination is played. This means that the winnings are not directly transferred to the online player account, but are first used in a risk game with total loss risk. You can therefore lose the entire winnings again – but if you are correct, the value is either doubled or quadrupled. To double the winnings you have to determine the correct suit (black vs. red), to quadruple the winnings you have to predict the card symbol exactly (heart, caro, etc.).
  • Dusting off cash winnings: If you have succeeded in multiplying the winnings on the slot machine, or if you have not even used them in this high-risk function, they are automatically transferred to your online cash account.

Special features in Sizzling Hot Quattro online slot

Yes, the structure here is kept in the modern 5 reel format, but when it comes to the features, you rather join the theme: classic and simple. Free spins and the like are just as absent here as wild symbols or scatter symbols.

The only, and already explained special feature that this slot has, is the gamble function. But you should think well before deciding whether you want to risk your money there. The risk of loss should not be underestimated. So it can be recommendable to try out this option when playing Sizzling Hot Quattro for free and get a feeling for whether you can really live comfortably with this risk.

Simply play Sizzling Hot Quattro for free

Now, the relevant information about the different gamboling options that this slot offers. Namely, you can play in different variants:

  • Completely free and without registration.
  • Free of charge but after registration
  • With real money (see next section).

The first version is probably the one most people know. It is the best option for those who have no experience with gambling games. Play Sizzling Hot Quattro for free without registration – recommended and risk-free.

Play Sizzling Hot Quattro with real money

Since we’re talking about a fairly simple game here, many gamblers don’t even need to play Sizzling Hot Quattro for free for long to boost their confidence before moving on to the cash game. The complexity of the game comes only from the four game fields, not from complicated bonus features, tricks or other elements that require a lot of understanding of the rules or a lot of experience. Sizzling Hot Quattro by Novoline thus offers fourfold gaming enjoyment – in both free and real money versions.

Sizzling Hot Quattro slot details

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