Skull Shock by Merkur

Skull Shock slot from Merkur Casinos

Skull Shock comes from the house of Merkur and is a spooky slot game that should appeal especially to fans of Halloween. All those who love to go out into the night and hunt monsters are in good hands here.

The slot consists of three rows and five columns, so that a total of five reels are available. In addition, real money can be wagered on a total of nine paylines. As symbols, some of the monsters are used, which look a bit creepy.

Nevertheless, many online casinos offer Skull Shock by Merkur, so you can play Skull Shock online at any time. Even without registering, it is possible to get the first experience while playing Skull Shock for free.

Play Skull Shock for free without registration – get to know the rules

Especially the jackpot of 5000 coins is reason enough to take a closer look at this slot and try it out online. Fans who love horror can immediately download and use the game. Players don’t have to be afraid of betting their real money and losing it either, because it is possible to play Skillshot for free, so that only play money is bet in advance.

The only fear that is triggered in this game is the creepy monsters on the screen. Muted colors with a dab of red and green immediately catch your eye when you start the game. Every single motif on the reels has been lovingly designed, so not only are monsters lined up here, but Frankenstein himself makes an appearance. A moonshine graveyard and scary looking numbers are also featured.

Play Skull Shock for free and get hints and tips

Not all themes give the same paylines, so it’s important to look at the tombstones and the soaked stones in particular. They reward with a high cash prize, which can be up to 1000 credits. There is less money if only the numbers 9 and 10 appear. For each monster with the matching winning combination of at least three of them, thunderous sounds or hysterical screeching additionally appear, so there is a lot of action in Skull Shock.

Besides a normal standard betting option, an autoplay button can also be used. The plus and minus icons at the bottom right of the screen can be used to adjust the betting limit settings.

Set Bonus, Free Spins and Stakes

Players who want to start small can start with as little as 0.05 coins to slowly approach the game. Likewise, there is a 10 point bonus that can be wagered so that the win ends up being higher. Once there is a win, a risk ladder can be used, which promises further adrenaline rush and can drive the profit up. The player decides for himself whether he wants to activate or deactivate this game. However, scatter symbols and wild symbols, as well as additional free spins can be found here in vain. Only a high jackpot of 5000 coins entices the player to face the monsters before the sun rises.

Become a monster hunter yourself and collect treasures

Merkur has brought a rather simple slot to the market with Skull Shock, which only has a few features. There are no additional free spins, only a risk ladder with which you can increase your winnings. In return, the manufacturer has taken a lot of time to design the background and the individual motifs, so that excellent creepy monsters can be seen.

The lack of a bonus round can be quickly averted by the fact that the ghost hunt is made more exciting and effective by the sonorous sounds, so it is certainly fun to play this slot every now and then. In the long run, however, it is hardly worth betting audible amounts of money, as the profit turns out to be relatively small. However, the game can definitely be recommended for in-between times when you want to gamble during a break or on the go.

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