Sparta by Merkur

Sparta by Merkur

The strongest military power of ancient Greece comes into play in this slot from Merkur. The mysterious theme is very popular, exciting and therefore ideal for slots.

The city of Sparta is said that the founder Lakedaimon gave his empire the name of the beloved woman Sparte. She was the daughter of Eurotas, the king of Laconia. This legend is just one of many about the famous city of Greece.

Created the high-quality themed slot by the famous software provider Merkur. Popular for creative games with high odds, many experienced gamers exclusively use its slot machines.

There is a lot for gamers to discover in the slot game Sparta. In addition to brave warriors and their weapons, treasures such as ancient jars and more are discovered, which help fill the wallet by appearing multiple times.

After the game is opened, players stand in front of a temple, in which there are two slots, which are started by a spin. Thus, ten reels are set in motion with just one bet, which gives high chances of winning. The sound is designed to match the theme and provides even more excitement while playing.

On our website visitors can play Sparta for free without registration, which means that after one click you can start playing online. In the online casino, luck can be put to the test with real money bets, creating even more thrills.

How to play Sparta by Merkur

Before playing, visitors opt to play Sparta for free to enjoy the slot free of risks or in the online casino through the real money mode to keep open the chance to win real money.

Once the slot is open on the screen in the desired mode, players set the amount for the next spin. When playing Sparta for free, virtual play money is available for this purpose. The amount can be between one coin and 200 coins.

In the Sparta slot game, there are five paylines on each of the two slots, which must be filled with the same symbols in order to win. The winning combinations must occur continuously from the first, left-hand reel to the right in each of the two slots.

Winning combinations are achieved in Sparta online as follows:

| Symbol | X2 | X3 | X4 | X5 |
| Temple | 1 | 10 | 100 | 200 |
| warrior armor | | 4 | 40 | 100 |
| symbols A and K | | 1 | 4 | 15 |
| sword and jug | | 3 | 10 | 50 |
| symbols Q, J and 10 | | 1 | 3 | 10 |
The payouts vary depending on the symbol and number as shown in the table. If multiple paylines with winning combinations are obtained, the winnings are added and the total is credited to the player’s account.

In addition to this possibility to collect winnings, there are other symbols in Sparta by Merkur that provide features:

  • Warrior: the warrior is the main character of the game Sparta online and serves as a wild symbol. Through his appearance, he can represent all characters except the scatter, completing or extending winning combinations.

If the warrior is on one of the five reels in the first slot, he automatically appears again on the same reel in the second slot.

  • Amulet: The amulet is the scatter symbol in Sparta.
      • Three scatters give 10 free spins
      • Four scatters give 15 free spins
      • Five scatters give 20 free spins
      • Six scatters enable 25 free spins

Risk Ladder by Merkur:

Another popular feature that is present in all Merkur games is the so-called risk ladder. This gives players the opportunity to use any win to increase the total.

Gamers have the choice of accepting each win immediately or using it in the bonus game. If the feature was selected, a ladder with different amounts appears. If the player is lucky, he can climb up these rungs, increasing the winning amount. The game can be ended at any time if the winning amount is satisfactory. The displayed sum of the corresponding rung is then credited to the customer account in the online casino.

However, it can also happen that the wagered amount is lost, so this function should be used with caution and terminated in a timely manner.

Card game or gamble function:

In Sparta, there is another feature that can increase winning amounts. If you don’t want to use the risk ladder, you can also use your winnings through the gamble function.

By choosing this additional game after a win, cards appear on the screen. You can choose between the colors black or red. A card is then turned face up. If it matches the correct color, the winning amount is doubled. Otherwise the win is lost.

The gamble feature can be used more often with a winning amount if always chosen correctly. After completing the feature, the winnings are posted to the player’s account.

Play Sparta for free on our website

With us visitors can play slot machines for free without registration to enjoy the resulting benefits:

  • After clicking on the slot game, the slot opens after a short loading time. It can be played immediately, so the free game is also ideal for on the go, when users want to pass short waiting times or take a short break.
  • By playing Sparta for free, users get to know the slots free of risks and can familiarize themselves with the rules and features at their leisure.
  • Free of charge and without registration, users can learn strategies that may lead to high winnings when playing for real money later on.
  • Tips and tricks from experienced players can be tested free of any risk in order to better assess the chances of winning.

The game currently does not yet adapt to all screen sizes, which means that mobile or tablet players will have to accept some sacrifices when on the move. The slot is therefore not yet optimally displayed on the mobile device, but can still be used for smaller game rounds.

The only disadvantage of playing Sparta for free is that winnings do not actually end up in the wallet. Since it is purely a fun mode, users play for free purely for entertainment.

Sparta in the online casino with real money stakes

Risk-averse players can sign up at one of the best online casinos to challenge their luck at Sparta with real money, after convincing themselves of the chances of winning by playing Sparta for free.

In a few steps, a customer account is created, to which money is deposited. Zunächst sollte jedoch der online Casinos Bonus ohne Einzahlung genutzt werden, um sich hohe Gewinnchancen durch minimales Risiko zu ermöglichen.

Other bonus offers such as welcome bonuses and other promotions should not be left unused so that gamers can play Sparta for as long as possible, giving chances to win.

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