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Spartus online slot by StakeLogic – overview and game features.

Spartus by Stakelogic from 2017 is one of the first slot machines developed by the Dutch. Here, you can see early on that the focus is on simple and colorful design in the games. When you first access Spartus online, you are greeted by Spartans on a beach. Spartus is of course a reference to the Spartans from the relatively successful movie “300” in Germany. In the background you can see that the warriors are currently storming a coast, which gives you the feeling of being in the middle of a big battle. But the background can also change, more about that later. You can see this atmosphere for yourself by playing Spartus for free.

The rules of Spartus are kept simple, but there are a few special rules here that make the game exciting and prevent boredom. Nevertheless, the main focus of Spartus slot is to make sure that you can enjoy the excitement and atmosphere. The tension is conveyed by the sounds of the game, which we will also discuss in more detail later. However, as already mentioned, you can get an idea of this yourself by playing Spartus for free without registration.

Tension quickly arises, which is only intensified by the animations in this slot game. But whether the determined design of Stakelogic also offers you a pleasant experience in this game without getting bored, and whether the excitement in Spartus also lasts, we will explain in this review.


Spartus slot consists of five reels with three rows. There are a whole 25 paylines in total, and you can decide for yourself how high the bet per line is. If you go to “Total Bet”, you can determine yourself by moving the slider between 1 and 4, which means higher winning possibilities but also a higher bet. You can see the composition of the different paylines in the information menu. Counting is only from left to right, nevertheless countless winning combinations are possible, even if you play Spartus for free.

Sound and Design

With Spartus, the name says it all, the whole design is all about the Spartans. The first thing you notice is that the background is dominated by a unit of Spartans who are storming a beach. A thunderstorm is raging in the background and lightning flashes across the black sky at irregular intervals. However, all this can change very quickly, namely when you trigger the 360° feature, then the background changes almost completely. The design is generally kept simple and clear, though, so you can find your way around online without any problems.

Probably the most noticeable sound in the game is when one of the warriors shouts “This is Spartus!”, of course a reference to 300’s “This is Sparta!”. This adds excitement and a feeling of just defending Sparta against the Persians, all punctuated by thunder following the lightning bolts. Wins are accompanied with appropriate sounds that give you the feeling of victory. However, if you feel disturbed by the sounds online when you test the game and play Spartus for free, they can of course always be turned off in the “Options”.

How to play Spartus

If you want to play Spartus for free without registration, you can easily do it online with the demo version of Stakelogic. In Spartus you don’t need any special strategies or tactics as you usually do in computer games, you rely here on chance and your luck. Of course, there are some rules, but in general everything is left to chance, which is why we can’t give you any special tips or tricks. However, when you play Spartus, you can influence the amount of your bet.

The best way to get a feel for this slot game is to play Spartus for free. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the symbols and especially the wild symbols.

The symbols in Spartus

The main characters in Spartus are gems, these come in five varieties. In the following list, the characters are ordered by the possible wins, with the lowest win first.

  • Purple gem
  • Green Gemstone
  • Blue Gemstone
  • Red Gemstone
  • Purple Gemstone

In addition, Spartus online, there are four other characters that allow you to win, these are pictures. The order is as above.

  • Rhino
  • Tiger Warrior
  • Masked Soldier
  • Spartan

There are also two additional symbols, one is the Wild symbol and the other is the Wheel of Fortune. When you get a Wild symbol, it spans the entire row and counts as any symbol. If you get the Wheel of Fortune symbol either in the middle of the first or fifth reel, you get to spin the Wheel of Fortune. This wheel is split into three, where the first wheel gives you bonus credits, or if it lands on an arrow, the second wheel is activated, which grants even more bonus credits. The third wheel grants “Free Spins” for the first wheel, there are no other ways to get Free Spins or Free Spins. There is no scatter symbol.

Winning opportunities in Spartus

Should you play Spartus online, you have the possibility to bet between 0.25€ and 100€, the “cheapest” main symbol will give you a win of 0.80€ when appearing 5 times. Winnings depend on provider and chosen currency.

Conclusion: Play Spartus online for free!

If you are looking for a classic slot game, you will feel perfectly at home at Stakelogic. The little special features here and there, such as Wheel of Fortune, prevent Spartus online from becoming boring. If you want to bring glory to Sparta yourself, then you can play Spartus for free without registration and try the game for free here. If you enjoy other themes while playing, it is not a problem either, because you can also play numerous slots for free without registration here.

Play Spartus with real money

Do you like the atmosphere and setting of Spartus, but the free version just isn’t exciting enough for you? Then why not play this slot game in a casino or online casino. The choice of casinos can be overwhelming, so we have compiled the best ways to play Spartus online for you here. In this selection you will also find a wide variety of promotions, of course welcome packages for newcomers are among them but also bonuses where you get free spins without a deposit.

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