Spinata Grande by NetEnt

Spinata Grande by NetEnt – This slot is all about the piñata.

Mexico is a country rich in culture and traditions. As is so often the case, the NetEnt development team has taken a cue from real customs in Spinata Grande. During celebrations, children in Mexico try to smash a piñata blindfolded. This is filled with sweets and small surprises. There are also some surprises waiting for the players when playing Spinata Grande for free. Huge main characters appear out of nowhere on the five reels. Hardly any other game from NetEnt or any other developer is as entertaining as Spinata Grande. The game, which by the way can be played at any time without registration, has quite a few features and specialties to offer. The structure with five reels and 40 fixed paylines is the only classic thing about this game.

In the background, a character whistles typical Mexican melodies and quickly you really feel like you are in Mexico. When it comes to the design of Spinata Grande online, the three-dimensional layout adds to this impression. The color scheme, the design of the main characters and many other elements are perfectly matched. The developer uses the familiar elements, such as the wild symbol or the scatter symbol, and modifies them in an ingenious way when playing Spinata Grande for free. The result of this is an exciting game that is simply beautiful to look at and reveals one or two new secrets even after many rounds. Playing Spinata Grande means appreciating the classic slot, but always being open to new things.

These rules apply to the slot game Spinata Grande online – with strategy to success

Before you can start playing Spinata Grande free spins, you must of course place a bet. This works in Spinata Grande in a way that is typical for the developer of the game. The multiplier for one’s bet in Spinata Grande online is not set via the selection of paylines, as these are fixed, but via a level button. Another factor that determines the amount of the bet is the coin value. Once you’ve got the hang of this, Spinata Grande is ready to go.

The slot features the following characters:

  • High value symbols are called Animal Spinatas and are the following: a bull, a donkey, a parrot and a fish.
  • Card symbols from ace to 10 have the lower value.

During the game itself you will encounter the following special elements:

  • Huge main characters: Already during the normal rounds Spinata Grande online comes up with a special feature, which is usually only known from Free Spins. Again and again, huge main characters appear, which cover up to nine fields. The probability of a successful combination thus increases enormously, of course.
  • The Wild Symbol: In a classic slot machine, this symbol must not be missing. In Spinata Grande it is helpful if a main character should be missing in a winning combination. What is special here again is that the wild symbol can also occur in an enlarged variant.
  • The Scatter Symbol: In Spinata Grande, the scatter symbol is called something different. Here it is used as a bonus symbol. It is called this because it does not lead directly to free spins, but instead lets the player take a detour via a small bonus game. Here, up to nine fields on the normal tableau turn into a mini-slot. Here, fate decides on a single play which conditions apply during the free spins.
  • The colossal wild symbol: This only makes an appearance after the player has won free spins in the mini-slot. As the name suggests, this symbol in the form of a colorfully decorated skull covers a large part of the field. Wins are almost guaranteed with it.

A conclusion to Spinata Grande play for free without registration – free fun and entertainment.

Hardly any other game currently offers as much entertaining fun as Spinata Grande. Everything is just right here. You don’t wait long for a win and thanks to the many features, something different happens almost in every round, which demands everything from even an experienced player. Playing slots for free without registration, which we offer on our site, is the perfect way to dive into the game without risk, but with a lot of fun.

If you feel like a nice little pastime while you’re out and about, just grab your smartphone and start playing. No data is required on our site. You can start right away without registering. This is not only true for Spinata Grande, but for many other games. You can easily and quickly find out which game you like the most by playing it. Testing different slots has never been easier. What do you like more – the well-known classics or new variants that surprise you with a groundbreaking design and new ideas? With us you can find out for free and quickly. The fun of the game is always in the foreground.

The next step in online gaming – Spinata Grande Slot with real money

Playing online for free is sometimes the perfect preparation for the next step in a German online casino. When playing Spinata Grande for free without registration, users of the game automatically acquire important tips and tricks. Once you have a feeling for the probabilities when playing Spinata Grande for free, it should also work out better with the winning combinations. In the casino of choice in Germany, this is a real bonus, you decide to give the Spinata Grande slot a chance in the game for real money. How great the chance of success is, is not only decided by reels, special characters and the probabilities, but also the choice of the right provider.

Spinata Grande, the state-of-the-art classic from NetEnt, is offered in many a casino that lures players with a bonus for signing up. The classic is free spins without a deposit. If you decide to do so, the change from playing Spinata Grande for free to playing for real money is particularly easy. Because you have already acquired a basis based on experience in many free rounds, the Spinata Grande slot does not lose any of its special charm when playing for real money. On the contrary, playing Spinata Grande becomes even more exciting because real winnings, which also have a value in real life, simply feel better. The excitement and the thrill of winning and trying things out increase, so it’s definitely worth a try.

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