Spirits of the Valkyrie by Novoline

Spirits Of The Valkyrie Slot Free Games from Novoline

During our career as slot machine testers, we keep encountering slot machines in online casinos that surprise us with their themes. The surprise effect set in when we tried Spirits Of The Valkyrie online. The choice of themes is more than creative and the slot managed to expand our horizons.

Find out here why you too should play Spirits Of The Valkyrie for free.

Description and features of Spirits Of The Valkyrie slot machine

The title Spirits Of The Valkyrie means souls of the Valkyrie in German. If you know a bit about German or Germanic mythology, you know what a Valkyrie is. Spirits Of The Valkyrie online brings the ancient god fathers Odin and Wodan with Frigg, Freya and some more into the spotlight. Novoline calls it Spirits Of The Valkyrie. If you have never dealt with the theme before, you can simply play Spirits Of The Valkyrie for free and get not only a little tutoring, but also bonus, winnings and free spins.

Please, do not be frightened: a Valkyrie is namely a being that guided the souls of ancient Germanic tribes to Valhalla. This is a place where brave warriors fight their last and glorious battle. Since fighting with muscle power and sword was a virtue, the Valkyrie also appears in the form of a warrior princess and doesn’t exactly show a squeamish approach to the reels. Novoline has worked in great detail on this slot game and playing Spirits Of The Valkyrie is not for the faint hearted!

Spirits Of The Valkyrie play for free and fight for winnings

In Germany, pure enthusiasm has broken out for the Spirits Of The Valkyrie slot. Admittedly, the slot is very mystical and the scenario quite warlike. This proves once again that casino is rightly something for adults only! Even among adults, there are certainly people who find the Valkyrie’s brutal appearance, hitting the paylines with a sword, too brutal. There is no shame in that, as there are many more harmless games from Novoline online that are also free.

Since Spirits Of The Valkyrie came online, the game has been polarizing. What do you say? Is Spirits Of The Valkyrie too warlike and brutal? Find out by trying Spirits Of The Valkyrie online, simply without registration, without obligation and for free.

Off to Valhalla with Spirits Of The Valkyrie

The mood in this slot game is somewhat gloomy. On top of that, a beautiful Valkyrie is wielding her weapon and trying to make winning combinations amidst battle cries and all sorts of intimidation and tricks.

You really only have one chance when playing: team up with the Spirits Of The Valkyrie and pull together with the Valkyrie! She knows what she’s doing and how to prevail in a mystical world full of dangers. In those days, different customs prevailed, there was not much discussion, but fighting and winning.

Verwundert es da, dass es bei den  Spirits Of The Valkyrie Spielen etwas rabiat zugeht? Trust that you can play Spirits Of The Valkyrie for free and win, because the old gods are on your side! This slot machine allows you to go on a rampage to your heart’s content and claim your rights. This may be an unusual strategy, but it absolutely follows the rules in Spirits Of The Valkyrie by Novoline. It’s not just about real money this time. It’s about fame and glory!

This is how you play at Spirits of the Valkyrie online slot.

The Valkyrie in Spirits of the Valkyrie slot helps you with her abilities and often directly influences the gameplay by changing symbols, completing paylines and the like. Therefore, the superstition that all slot machines with 5 reels and 3 rows are the same is deceptive.

Your crash course in the world of Valkyries:

  • To start, you must first select your bet.
  • There are 20 fixed paylines on which winning combinations can be formed.
  • Now press the start button and watch the reels spin, or set autoplay.
  • Just sit back, the Valkyrie will do the rest in Spirits Of The Valkyrie.

You will recognize these main characters when playing Spirits of the Valkyrie for free (Sorted from smallest to largest value):

  • The card values from 10 to Ace.
  • The sword
  • The Axe
  • The Hammer
  • The shield

The extra features and bonus rounds of Spirits Of The Valkyrie

We want to mention here first that even when playing Spirits Of The Valkyrie for free without registration, you can discover a myriad of bonus features. The wild symbol can complete any payline of the normal Spirits Of the Valkyrie symbols.

As mentioned above, the Valkyrie often uses her magic to your advantage and symbol combinations can trigger special effects. Among them are free spins where paylines pay out both from left to right and the other way around, no scatter symbol needed. Maybe your Win Stack will be paid out as well, or both.

The Win Stack is located on the left and shows your last 10 wins. If the Win Stack is paid out, you get the sum of these wins again. You could almost consider going beyond Spirits Of The Valkyrie free play.

Our verdict: Spirits Of The Valkyrie free play is worthwhile

You want to really let off steam and can imagine that Spirits Of The Valkyrie free play without registration would be just the right challenge for you? We do too! That is why we have made sure that the Spirits Of The Valkyrie slot machine is available with us. What are you waiting for? Draw your sword and play the slot machine for free without registration!

Fight for cash winnings at Spirits Of The Valkyrie slot.

If you want to see real money in your account, pick a real money casino. Our casinos are handpicked to ensure that you find top addresses for real money games. You don’t have to head straight to Valhalla to do so. We give you tips on where free spins without deposit and other attractive bonus offers are waiting for you – starting with the new customer bonus. Take to the battlefield with Free Spins or free seed money and fight for real money at Spirits Of The Valkyrie, just like the ancient Teutons and Vikings would have done!

Spirits of the Valkyrie slot details