Spring Queen by Novoline

Rediscover spring with Spring Queen

The temptations of spring are already announcing themselves with Spring Queen from Novoline. The slot machine gets by with minimal music, which only appears during the spin. Thus, the beautifully designed symbols come to the fore, which are also lightly animated in case of a successful winning combination. Classic bonuses are provided by widespread wild symbols and scatter symbols, but Spring Queen also has some individual features. Thus, even in the long run, boredom does not come up so quickly.

Through this review, a first impression should be offered so that prospective players can learn more about Spring Queen online without investing a single penny. You can also play Spring Queen for free by trying out the demo version. Dort kann zwar kein Echtgeld gewonnen werden, doch  wenn nur Spielgeld gesetzt wird, besteht auch kein Risiko.

In Spring Queen, Novoline offers classic playing card symbols and well-known bonus features, as well as four special symbols that span two spaces on the reels. These are:

  • Peacock in bronze frame
  • Horse in silver frame
  • Jaguar in gold frame
  • Spring Queen in ornate frame

The rules, main characters and special features are explained in more detail in the following section, as well as some tips and tricks, so that you can create your own strategy.

How to play Spring Queen online

Spring Queen has a not quite typical structure with 5 reels and 4 rows. Across these there are 40 paylines, which combined with the bonus features results in a payout rate of 95.05%. However, this rate is calculated over a great many games, so the individual player experience can vary greatly in either direction. A winning combination is only formed when at least three of the same symbols are connected from left to right. Scatter symbols are the exception and will pay out in any position, provided there are enough identical symbols shown. Only the highest combination per line is paid. Wins from different paylines as well as scatter wins are added together. Online, the paytable can be viewed, which shows the winnings adjusted to the current bet.

Besides a direct win, scatter combinations also offer 10 free spins and the Spring Queen Bonus. The free spins are played with the same lines and bet as the triggering round. During the free spins, more free spins can be won. This is done by the aforementioned Spring Queen Bonus, which takes the central position of the game board. If one of the three special symbols in bronze, silver or gold lands there, on it all symbols of the same type are upgraded by one level and additional free spins are awarded:

  • Upgrading peacock to horse awards +1 free spin.
  • Horse to Jaguar upgrade awards +3 free spins
  • Upgrade from Jaguar to Spring Queen awards +5 free spins

As the highest bonus, the stacked special symbol can occur, where all squares, presumably after an upgrade, are filled with the Spring Queen, which triggers its own animation. Thus, the slot from Novoline offers a varied range of special features, which makes the slot game captivating in the long run.

Gamble Feature

Additionally, Spring Queen offers a card game option. Here you can bet your winnings and predict whether the next card revealed from a deck will be red or black. If you guess correctly, your winnings are doubled up to a maximum of 200€. However, if you are wrong, you lose the entire winnings immediately, regardless of how many times you guessed correctly before. The winnings can also be collected directly after a correct prediction instead of continuing to play with it.

In order to first get your own impression of the rules and individual special features, it can only be recommended to try out the demo version to play Spring Queen for free. Since the slot owes its good payout rate to its bonuses, among other things, it can of course happen that more is deposited than paid out for a longer period of time. Likewise, winning streaks are also absolutely possible, as you know it from casinos. The best way to decide for yourself whether the combination of risk and fun justifies the investment of real money is to try it out for yourself and study the reviews.

Spring Queen free to play and final slot review

As mentioned above, you can play Spring Queen for free, without registration or risk. This is made possible by the demo version, which does not require any real money. Thus, you can play Spring Queen for free and only have to give up the chance to win real money. Thus, it is easy to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the slot machine and eventually develop your own betting strategy that can be transferred to the real money version. Nowadays, you can play many slot machines for free, without registration or other obligations, which has made online casinos much more transparent.

Spring Queen does not present itself with a lot of bells and whistles, but it artfully sets the stage for the selected features. With the possibility of winning free spins and unlocking additional spins and upgraded special symbols, Spring Queen can be quite enticing and does not deceive with these possibilities. However, with slots that rely on their bonus features to generate high wins, you may also lose a lot of bets before you win anything back. Still, the game offers enough variety and excitement to keep the player entertained in the long run. The music can be customized as well as the bet and the selected paylines, which opens up some options for the player. The bottom line is that Novoline can be given a good rating for this slot.

Play Spring Queen online for real money

Of course, Spring Queen can be played for free, but many casino players are mainly attracted by the chance to win real money. This raises the excitement and thrill to a whole new level and a casino-like atmosphere is created without further ado on your own PC. Nowadays, there are one or the other casino bonus without deposit, as soon as a registration has been made. Often, free spins or a starting credit are awarded, which allows an easy entry into the world of online gambling. With a registration and perhaps already some welcome features, you can enjoy Spring Queen and other slot games in their pure form. The free demo version is of course still available, so you can test new slots.

Spring Queen slot details