Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits by NetEnt

Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits Slot Online by NetEnt

Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits by NetEnt is a refreshing video slot that shines in your face with a lot of positive energy. As you can already tell from the name, there are a lot of square fruits in this game. Fruit doesn’t have to be round to look delicious. Not only are the fruits square, the gameplay takes place in a world that strongly resembles a computer game. If you need the necessary charge of summer feeling, you should simply play Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits for free.

Game structure

The game structure of Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits online is partly quite unusual. You quickly get used to the rules of the game and you can start playing right away. The game has five reels and there are three rows of symbols. Bets can be placed on ten paylines. This slot game also features a wild symbol, which can be used as a wild card. There are no free spins in the classic sense and a scatter symbol is also not present. However, you can get multiple re-spins for free by stacking symbols. Whenever an entire reel can be covered with a symbol, a re-spin is started and the stack of symbols moves one reel to the side. Another bonus are the Colossal Symbols. Mega symbols can appear that cover multiple reel slots. This makes it easier to generate symbol stacks that lead to free re-spins. Those who want to take real risks can activate the Bonus Bet feature. Additional bets result in the “Extra Chance” of being able to get additional Mega symbols on any spin. Those who are ready to engage in this pleasure can play Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits for free on this page.

Graphics & Sounds

Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits is a pack of positive energy. It’s a damp and cheerful affair. You can dive into an angular world and enjoy nature to the fullest. The main characters are largely made up of square fruits that look good enough to bite into, despite their shape. There are square trees and square bushes in the background as well. The highlight is a small river that is located right under the roller set. The symbols plop directly into the water in Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits online and create little splashes. Next to the game set is a small sign, on which a different symbol is displayed with each spin. The displayed symbol can appear as a mega symbol in the respective game round. Now, if you want to enter a colorful and cheerful world of NetEnt with a neat round of good gambling, you should play Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits.

Tips and tricks

Here you can play Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits for free!

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Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits – A colorful world!

Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits belongs to the slots with a special set of rules. NetEnt has focused on an innovative structure and tried to excite people with something new. For example, there are no free spins that you are used to from most other slots. Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits slot convinces with free spins in the sense of re-spins. You should simply play Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits for free and see for yourself.


In Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits online there are five square fruit symbols and four card symbols. The wild symbol is considered a special character. Each character can appear as a Colossal symbol.

  • Watermelon
  • Strawberry
  • Lemon
  • Cherries
  • Plum
  • Card symbols between ace and jack


An icon with a “W” is the wild symbol in Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits. It can be used to substitute for other symbols or to form independent winning combinations.

Colossal Symbols

Any character, while playing Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits online, can randomly appear as a Colossal Symbol that is 3 by 3 or 2 by 2 reel slots in size. During a game round, including possible re-spins, only the character displayed on the sign next to the reel set can appear as a Colossal symbol at a time.

Bonus Bet & Extra Chance

With the Bonus Bet feature, you can play an extra chance at Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits at the price of higher stakes. The bet amount is 50% higher than the bet amount without the Bonus Bet. Randomly, you can get the Extra Chance after one reel spin. In Extra Chance, additional Colossal Symbols drop down from the top.


There are ten bet levels in Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits and each level represents the bet of 10 coins per game round. If the Bonus Bet mode is activated, then the bet is 15 coins. The value of a coin can be determined individually and ranges from 0.01 to 2.00. Total bets range from 0.10 to 300.00 per game round.

RTP (theoretical Return To Player)

The average payout ratio of wins in Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits slot is 95.98% in the long run without the Bonus Bet feature. In Bonus Bet mode, the RTP is 95.95%.

Play Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits for free without registration

On this website you can play Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits for free without registration! Thanks to a demo version, a slot machine can be tested without risk. In the process, a strategy can be worked out or you can simply have a chat. If you have an up-to-date web browser, you can play all slot machines for free without registration.

Play Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits for free now!

Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits – Square Fruits and Mega Symbols

Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits is a colorful video slot that can bring very good winnings with a little luck. NetEnt has tried to make this game as innovative as possible without completely reinventing slot games.

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Strolling Staxx: Cubic Fruits slot details