Summertime by Merkur

Summertime slot machine from Merkur

Colorful fruits and enough summery highs are what you will experience with the Summertime slot machine game. This is exactly the main feature of the slot from Merkur. You can experience this classic online at any time and at the same time check out the special features there.

What are the special features of this slot machine?

  1. a respin feature awaits you in the slot Summertime. If all fields have the same fruit, all winnings are automatically paid out. Accordingly, you can play on the 3 reels and 5 paylines and collect the first winnings.
    In addition to the respin feature, you can also expect a wild symbol and many interesting winning combinations. Therefore, play your entire winnings there and ensure the unforgettable gaming fun. You will see that Merkur has done a great job with its Summertime slot game.

The winning symbols in Summertime

Of course, you should also take a look at the winning symbols that the Summertime slot machine has to offer. Not only is the well-known Merkur sun one of the important symbols that you will encounter, but also many more types of fruit, all of which bring different winnings. From grapes, cherries, lemons, oranges or plums, everything is possible in this online slot. Besides the classic fruits as symbols, you can also expect a bell, a diamond and a star, which can also be seen on the paylines. These symbols are not summery, but the high winnings that you can collect with the slot game.

You can therefore get involved in the slot Summertime by Merkur for a special gaming fun and high winnings. It is therefore always possible in just a few steps that you will also earn the best winnings with a small bet.

After all, Merkur offers the best winning ways with this slot machine and clearly shows that fun, excitement and cash winnings are always possible.

Take your chance and play Summertime online. You will see that you can have fun and win.

Play Summertime for real money and play money

Summertime is a slot machine that has a lot to offer you as well. Because of this, you can play Summertime for free or go straight to real money mode. It is up to you in which form you want to experience the classic. Fruit slots are no longer as popular as slot machines with free spins due to the lack of free spins. However, due to the fact that Summertime gives you a respin feature, you will quickly realize that you will also be attracted by the fact that you can finally get the high winnings.

Just test the slot and see that you can play Summertime for free, so that you will also get an idea of the high winnings. Fun and the special adventure are therefore always present, so you should test Summertime in any case. Therefore, take your time and plan your gameplay yourself.

Play for real money

However, playing Summertime for free without registration is only one option. You don’t have to play Summertime for free, but you can dare to play the real money variant in an online casino at the same time. Generally, the slot machine manufacturer Merkur offers a number of first-class options to finally be able to collect one or two winnings. Take a look at the slot machine at your leisure and play for real money with us.

You will probably collect the best winnings after the first few rounds of play and can have them paid out to your player account. Use your own luck as well and get fun, excitement and cash at home. You only need to open a player account to choose the real money option. Therefore, let Summertime inspire you.

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