Sun Wukong by Playtech

Sun Wukong

Sun Wukong is a slot game developed by Playtech. The name of the game comes from the Monkey King from the classic Chinese novel “The Journey to the West”. Accordingly, besides the Monkey King, other characters from the novel appear, such as Xuanzang Zhu Wuneng, a mixture of pig and human. The game animates you to dive into the world of slot machines. Various colorful symbols appear on 5 reels and the game is played with up to 15 paylines. Sun Wukong is accompanied by music and the sounds of the machine make you want to play more. Play Sun Wukong for free without registration? – You can do this with us to learn the rules and work out your own strategy.

How does Sun Wukong by Playtech work?

Playtech’s free online slot machine can be used without registration and is started by pressing the spin button in the bottom right corner. After each spin, the number of paylines and the bet can be changed. In doing so, the bet per payline is increased. When a win occurs, the numbers on the side edges light up to show which paylines gave the win.

Unique experience of Sun Wukong online

The slot machine impresses with its presentation and attention to detail. The music and slot sounds support the experience. The various main characters and symbols, which are based on the novel, make Sun Wukong unique. Thus, the Monkey King also appears on the reels again and again and helps the user to win. Other advantages of the game are:

  • mobile capable
  • available online
  • without registration
  • free to play

We recommend playing the slot machine for free, without registration. When you play Sun Wukong for free, you can try all the tips and tricks before playing with real money.

Off to the casino

As already mentioned, to get to know the game, you can play Sun Wukong for free, without registration. Once the slot game has convinced you, it is also possible to wager real money. The gaming experience of Sun Wukong can be experienced on several online casinos. Each of these casinos offers various benefits. For example, free spins and new customer bonuses as well as casino bonuses without deposit are awarded as welcome bonuses.

Sun Wukong slot details

Wild Symbol
Scatter Symbol
Free Spins