Super 7 Reels by Merkur

Fruity action with Super 7 Reels slot!

Nowadays there are more and more technical novelties: Things are getting more complicated, displays are getting sharper and games are getting more colorful. Millions of people are fans of the sci-fi scene and like to deal with extraterrestrial ideas.

This trend has also consolidated in the online casino scene: The games, which come on the market nowadays, are becoming more and more colorful, have more extras and especially unusual designs. An example of this are slot machines, which work with levels: With any novel themes, you can then play your way up and often reach the right winnings only after you have already invested a lot of money.

With today’s Super 7 Reels slot game, however, we are not following these trends. Because it comes from one of the giants of this scene. The manufacturer is namely Merkur, a subsidiary of the Gauselmann Group. This company has been active in the gambling market for 62 years. Consequently, the word experience is directly integrated into the company name. To this day, this company operates successfully in the industry, thus proving that it is also adaptable and sufficiently innovative to continue being competitive in the market.

The machine we are talking about today, Super 7 Reels by Merkur was launched on the market in 2014 revamped. It is often described as a good old wine in a shiny new package. With this, the manufacturer fulfills the unspoken wishes of many players. Because with the Super 7 Reels slot once again a game comes on the market, which can shine with simplicity. This classic slot is equipped with the modern software, which you can test yourself by playing Super 7 Reels for free.

How to play Super 7 Reels online? Features, functions and extras

Since the slot is classically designed, even inexperienced players and newbies can understand this game very quickly. There is no need for long tutorials and explanations of every single symbol or feature to get started here. Instead, it is made very easy for the player.

How to play Super 7 Reels

After clicking on the casino website with the game, it usually opens automatically. After it has finished loading, you start directly into the game action. Now you can determine your bet beforehand. This is between 5 cents and 10 euros. The slot is therefore less suitable for high rollers. However, you can tell the players in advance that the few extras provide for higher individual winnings and you thus definitely get something for your money.

Once you have determined your bet, you can start the spin. Now the reels spin and give out a random playing field. The symbols on the field now determine whether you could achieve a win or whether you have to spin again. Three symbols must be in a row. If you win, this is credited to your account.


Meanwhile standard but still a nice extra is the autoplay function. It allows a certain number of spins to be executed automatically. Thus, it is possible not to have to concentrate permanently on the slot. If you have urgent work to do in the house or want to distract yourself during work in between times, you can continue it while playing.

The features and structure of Super 7 Reels

The slot is by no means out of the ordinary in its format: typically, it includes five reels and three rows. There are five paylines, which are fixed selections and cannot be changed. Even though these seem to be few, winnings appear very often, which are significantly higher than in modern slots with a lot of extras.

The theme will cause a joyful tremor in many players’ hearts: fruits. After all, what else could evoke so much nostalgia and mimic the old slots as a classic fruit theme? Symbols include melons, oranges, grapes, lemons and plums. If you want to look for the bigger wins, however, you should rather reach for the stars. This is because the golden star works as a scatter symbol and is one of the few and important extras in the game. However, as expected, the highest wins are triggered by a seven. If this appears on the playing field together with some others, then you can already look forward to decent payouts!

Extras at Super 7 Reels

The following specials we still need to pay attention to in this slot:

  • The scatter symbol for lots of big wins
  • The seven for the jackpot
  • The Gamble function for the real thrill

The scatter symbol, as already mentioned, is the golden star. This one pays out something every time it appears with two others on the field. However, it does not trigger any bonus round or free spins. This allows for significantly higher wins during normal play. With the scatter symbol, it doesn’t matter where it lands: It always provides a terrific payout, even without appearing in a row.

Even more popular, of course, is the game’s main symbol: it’s a seven, which triggers the biggest wins. It provides the small jackpot, which players can receive. In fact, if you find five of them in a row, you will win incredible sum in the four-digit range at maximum bet. Thus, a thousand times his bet is possible! Generally, you can get winning combinations not only from left to right, but also the other way around and in the middle of the field, as long as you find three of the same symbols in a winning row. This allows for a lot more payouts, even though there is no wild symbol and very few winning rows.

In addition, a gamble feature is included: On every win, it is possible to bet. Either you have to guess whether the cards are black or red when they are turned over, or you have to draw the right one from four cards. This way you can win a maximum of 140 coins. If you are wrong, then the payout drops to 0. This gives players an extra thrill in the game. Especially with small payouts, this may be very interesting, as you can make a lot out of a small win this way. However, one should not exaggerate here either: If you lose what is actually a good and acceptable win, this provides frustration and could also affect your gaming behavior.

Play Super 7 Reels for free

Every player can play the slot machine Super 7 Reels for free without registration. This way, you can test out in advance whether the slot is really what you expect from it. Because even if you could only play Super 7 Reels for free, you already get an impression of the great features of this slot. Not only that you get absolute classics here, which is especially appealing to long-time players – also the high payout ratio and the big winnings are a reason for every player to try their luck here once. In many online casinos, you can play Super 7 Reels for free, or directly collect the money when playing with real money.

The classic look of this slot is what convinced us. With high payouts and winnings, it is a slot that appeals to long-time gamblers in particular. Without newfangled features and with a simple structure, it is suitable for a large group of players. The rules are kept within a small framework and are very manageable. Also, the theme awakens in many players the feeling of living back in the 80s and experiencing the first development of modern casinos.  One can play this slot for free without registration and thus check the optimized features for themselves. On our website, this is possible to have the opportunity to discover a new favorite game for yourself. Playing Super 7 Reels for free is usually enough to convince players. This way, even without registering, you can find out if you like the game or if you are more of a fan of novelty and overloaded slots.

Use welcome bonus and play with real money

If you decide to play at the online casino, you should also take advantage of every offered benefit. Since this slot, like all slots from Merkur, is offered in well-known and high-quality casinos, they usually include many bonus promotions. For example, the welcome bonus supports with surcharges on the first deposit. Also, an online casino bonus without deposit directly from the casino or other websites unlock, for example, free spins. These can be applied and without spending money already collect their first winnings.

Although we are big fans of gambling and betting, we still want to point out the dangers. Because a responsible approach to this pastime is essential and important to keep control over his gambling behavior. Because gambling should always be seen only as entertainment and hobby. The function of being able to win something in the process is just an added extra.

One should never see gambling as a source of income. Because since it is based on pure chance, we lose all control through it. This increases the risk of becoming addicted. We may end up paying more attention to the few wins than to the many unsuccessful attempts. So-called tips and tricks are also often not helpful in winning more. Instead, it is important to have a strategy that allows you to budget your real money and prevent too high losses.

Super 7 Reels slot details

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