Sweet Alchemy Bingo by Play’n Go

Sweet Alchemy Bingo – Overview and Game Features

Sweet Alchemy Bingo is, as the name suggests, not a slot game, but a bingo game. The game from game manufacturer Play’n GO is a virtual version of the classic game that is particularly popular in English-speaking countries. The theme of Sweet Alchemy Bingo is the “sweet chemistry” of a magic potion. Depending on the mixture, 30 numbers appear from the cauldron, which can be ticked off on a maximum of four bingo cards.

When you play Sweet Alchemy Bingo for free without registration, you have the option to choose one or up to four of the bingo cards with randomly selected numbers. Since this game is not a classic slot, you will not find any main characters here. It’s all about numbers, as usual in classic bingo games. Nevertheless, there are similarities to slot games. We will explain the rules of the game from Play’n GO in detail here.


Since bingo is not too widespread in Germany, we’ll delve a little deeper into the matter here. Sweet Alchemy Bingo can definitely be compared to a slot machine game in its basic functions. Because here, too, you have to achieve winning combinations on the up to four cards, which are displayed by drawing the correct numbers in the middle game field. Each number is searched for on the respective cards, if it is found there, it is crossed.

The more crosses, the higher the probability of reaching one of the given winning lines or combinations. Each of the 13 winning combinations has its own value. If a win occurs, you can also buy extra balls for a coin, this feature is in the online game in the broadest sense comparable to the classic Free Spins.

Sound and Design

What immediately stands out when you play Sweet Alchemy Bingo for free is the sound. The witchcraft magic theme mixes here with the pink sweetness of cotton candy. The subtle music in the background almost lets the player sink into a light slumber, if it weren’t for the witch’s bright laughter that keeps startling you.

The slot’s design is all about a childish bubblegum mentality. When you play Sweet Alchemy Bingo for free, you will hardly find any visual stimuli or animations on the playing field. It’s already too cluttered with numbers and playing cards for that. For children, who are not allowed to play Sweet Alchemy Bingo, the pink witch theme would be very appealing. Whether this is the same for adults remains to be seen. On our platform, adults can also enjoy the game without registering.

Here are all the features at a glance:

  • No reels but up to four cards with interchangeable 5×3 number combinations.
  • Theme: Magic
  • Free spins and respins not possible
  • free bonus: scratch game
  • Multipliers available

How to play Sweet Alchemy Bingo

Similar to a slot machine, you need to set a bet in advance. You can, when you play Sweet Alchemy Bingo for free, bet between 0.01 to 0.10 coins. Next, you can multiply the bet by setting the number of coins from one to 20. Of course, in an online casino, the stakes can vary depending on the currency. Lastly, the number of cards used is also optional, from one to four cards at a time.

When playing Sweet Alchemy Bingo for free as a demo, we advise you to start with only one card, so as not to let the stakes skyrocket too much.

The symbols at Sweet Alchemy Bingo Online

Since Sweet Alchemy Bingo is not a slot, no symbols appear on the playing field, but numbers. These numbers have no value on their own, but only form wins in patterns. Similarly, you will find neither wild symbol nor scatter symbol in Sweet Alchemy Bingo online. But instead, you will find multipliers in this game in the so-called “Elixir of Power Bonus”.

You can open the “Elixir of Power Bonus” when you uncover the “Bonus” field. It is a border pattern that is created on the outer edge of the bingo card by drawn numbers. If you are lucky and can tick the 12 numbers of the pattern, you will be redirected to the bonus game. Here, a chocolate pattern now appears on the four bingo cards in the Sweet Alchemy Bingo slot.

In the bonus game, which is based on revealing cards like in a scratch game, you can now draw symbols. Among them is the aforementioned “multiplier boost”, a coin prize or the X symbol, which ends the bonus round. If you play Sweet Alchemy Bingo for free or with real money in the arcade, you can win up to 6,625 times the bet.

Winning opportunities

Overall, with 30 balls per draw, there is of course always something to win at Sweet Alchemy Bingo. Nevertheless, the winnings are sometimes very slim, as the winnings table at the top of the screen shows. The more unlikely the win, the higher it is. If you have a bingo at Sweet Alchemy Bingo online that includes the whole game card, you will receive 1,500 coins when you play Sweet Alchemy Bingo for free without registration. In real money play, that would be the equivalent in the respective currency.

However, you can win especially high in this Sweet Alchemy Bingo slot from Play’n GO if you play with four cards right from the first draw and place a minimum bet of one coin. If a full bingo is drawn here, the “Treasure Chest” will give you 5,000 times the total bet in one go.

Tips and Tricks

In fact, we cannot recommend a winning strategy for Sweet Alchemy Bingo from Play’n GO. However, the game is a challenge especially for inexperienced players. When you play Sweet Alchemy Bingo, you should first start with little bet and only one bingo card. This will give you an overview of the dynamics of the game and the payout chances, which you can use later in real money play.

Conclusion: Play Sweet Alchemy Bingo online for free!

In short: Especially slot game fans should play this slot machine for free without registration. In this way, you will soon realize for yourself whether this type of game is something for you at all or whether you would prefer to stick to conventional slot machines. A free test game is then of course particularly practical.

Play Sweet Alchemy Bingo with real money

Once you have made friends with the game, you can stay with us right away. Because in addition to the free demo variant, we also teach you how to play with real money. You can play in a virtual casino of your choice that has been tested by us. In addition, you can currently find various free spins without deposit and other promotions such as welcome bonuses or cashback promotions compiled for you on our homepage.

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