Sweet Bonanza Xmas by Pragmatic Play

Sweet Bonanza Xmas by Pragmatic Play

Devotees of slots that deviate from the “ordinary” and those who like to see fruit and other sweets as symbols should pay close attention, because we have a treat for you. Today we are pleased to present the Sweet Bonanza Xmas slot from Pragmatic Play. The game called Sweet Bonanza Xmas appeared in online casinos in Germany in June 2019 and stubbornly keeps itself in the circle of the most popular slot games of the moment. If you like, you can play Sweet Bonanza Xmas for free without registration. Because we have the demo version of Sweet Bonanza Xmas slot, which you can play for free without any restrictions and without registration.

In the meantime, let’s explain everything there is to know in our review of Sweet Bonanza Xmas online. For instance, the rules, possible strategies, tips and tricks so that you can dust off the biggest possible winnings on this magnificent game from Pragmatic Play.

We have already mentioned it at the beginning. And if you play Sweet Bonanza Xmas for free, you will see it right away anyway: Sweet Bonanza Xmas is refreshingly different. This is due to the Tumble Feature, which makes winning combinations disappear and new symbols fall from above. Thus, one spin often brings multiple wins. Thank you, Pragmatic Play! Let’s start with more facts first.

Sweet Bonanza Xmas online has 6 reels. 5 rows are visible. This results in a field of 30 symbols. Preset paylines, as known from other German slots, do not exist. You need at least 8 identical symbols, no matter where they are, to win. Therefore, get rid of the classic casino slot idea already. Sweet Bonanza Xmas is just different. And these are the main symbols that can trigger wins:

  • Lolly (scatter symbol)
  • Golden Bomb (multiplier symbol)
  • Red heart
  • Purple Square
  • Green pentagon
  • Blue rectangle
  • Apple
  • Plum
  • Melon
  • Grape
  • Banana

So, there are a total of 10 main characters in Sweet Bonanza Xmas online and one symbol (the bomb) that appears only in the free spins. For the sake of completeness, one more piece of information: the RTP is around 96.5%. The volatility is stated as “medium”. This means regular average winnings. This makes the gaming experience of Sweet Bonanza Xmas quite pleasant and exciting.

How to play Sweet Bonanza Xmas online?

You should play Sweet Bonanza Xmas for free in advance to get familiar with its features. A description is one thing, but the live feeling is another. When Sweet Bonanza Xmas is launched, you can define the game stake. This ranges from 0.2 to 125 euros. Decide for yourself how high your stake is. Even if you play Sweet Bonanza Xmas for free, you should choose a realistic stake. This is the only way to simulate the real game. Clicking on the spin button starts Sweet Bonanza Xmas. Symbols fill the 30 fields. If you see at least 8 (or more) of the same fruit or candy, they pop away. New symbols drop from the top. This is the tumble feature. This way you can win multiple times with just one spin. You will search in vain for a wild symbol in Sweet Bonanza Xmas Slot. Pragmatic Play was of the justified opinion that the game is exciting enough as it is.

Scatter Symbol

The lolly is the scatter symbol in the free online game Sweet Bonanza Xmas. On the one hand, it gives an instant win from 4 pieces, on the other hand, it triggers 10 free spins. Within the free spins feature, another 5 free spins can be won if 3 scatters are visible again. Excitingly, there is a multiplier symbol in the form of a golden bomb. The number you see (anything between 2 and 100) indicates the multiplier that will be applied to that spin. If there are multiple bombs, then add up the numbers. This is the multiplier.

Ante Bet / Bet Multiplier

This is the casino feature you must try when playing Sweet Bonanza Xmas. Buy the Free Spin feature for 100 times the bet. In most cases, it is worth it. You can buy a bet multiplier of 25. The number of scatters increases massively. So does the chance of getting free spins.

Conclusion about Sweet Bonanza Xmas play for free

Sweet Bonanza Xmas free to play without registration brings a realization that we have already announced at the very beginning. Sweet Bonanza Xmas is different. With every combination that disappears, the chance of even more wins, even more scatters and more free spins increases. And there are multipliers beckoning that will make the winnings skyrocket massively. You have to try this by playing Sweet Bonanza Xmas for free. It is worth it. Graphics and sound are fine. It is just a very playful slot of the extra class. If you have had enough of playing Sweet Bonanza Xmas, you can play other slots for free without registration. Just choose the demo version that appeals to you.

How to play Sweet Bonanza Xmas online for real money

What would casino games be without real money? Exactly. Only half as fun. It’s clear. If playing Sweet Bonanza Xmas for free is too boring for you, you should look for a bonus. We recommend free spins without deposit at this point. Browse our listings for offers like this and play Sweet Bonanza Xmas online for real stakes soon. With a bit of luck, it will not only snow sweet fruits but also numerous winnings.

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