Sweet Sins by Novoline

Sweet Sins Slot Free Games from Novoline

We experience many slot machine tests, but this time we can justifiably say: this slot machine is truly divine! In Sweet Sins by Novoline, we have traveled online all the way to the beginning of human history and met Adam and Eve in Paradise.

Let’s summarize why this game absolutely belongs in our casino tips series.

Sweet Sins slot description and features

Can winning in an online casino be a sin? We are convinced that our Creator forgives us when He watches us play Sweet Sins for free. We even think that Novoline had help from above when they created this slot game. Thus, the slot manufacturer brings joy to the world and allows interested players to play Sweet Sins for free without registration.

We are a little proud that we also have a share in this, but about that later, because we do not want to be haughty. We’d much rather sin again at Sweet Sins online and can’t get enough of it!

Playing Sweet Sins for free is like a vacation in the Garden of Eden.

Novoline has quite aptly chosen a fitting backdrop for Sweet Sins. Everyone knows the story: it takes place in the Garden of Eden. This place is beautiful and you don’t want to leave it. You can play Sweet Sins for free at any time and enter the garden for free. There, as expected, are Adam and Eve, who are visibly having fun. They play all day, not having to worry about real money yet, because the garden offers everything they need.

Unfortunately, the apple then comes into play. The snake tries every trick in the book to seduce the innocent couple and keeps popping up without any registration. She offers the two an apple for free and it looks really appetizing. In principle, everyone in Germany knows the story, it is partly taught in German schools. Someone long ago took the trouble to translate the Old Testament into German. Adam and Eve are tested, as strictly as we test Sweet Sins online and other slot machines. Do they play by the rules?

Sweet Sins slot picks up one of the most famous stories in the world.

The story ends tragically, because the serpent, with his nasty strategy, seduced Adam and Eve to the Fall. In the garden, where everything was allowed – except that one apple – the drama took place. Adam and Eve succumbed to the Sweet Sins and angered the Creator. What a mess!

We love the way Novoline has ventured into the religious theme. Playing Sweet Sins for free is like taking a little educational trip. Graphically, Sweet Sins slot is beautifully done. Paradise is always open in Sweet Sins online, and for everyone. When else do you have the opportunity to hop through the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve lightly dressed than when playing Sweet Sins free slot? With its biblical theme, Sweet Sins slot is an exceptional slot game and the storyline has been implemented online very nicely and lovingly.

How to play Sweet Sins Slot

Now, if you want to enter the Garden of Eden from the world of Sweet Sins, you should know what to expect beforehand. Sweet Sins has a pretty classic design, however, the slot has 5 reels and 4 rows, as well as a special twist for the free spins.

Here are the tips that will help you on your journey through the Garden of Eden:

  • Use the button below to choose your bet.
  • Set your preferred number of paylines.
  • Also note that your bet is based on the number of lines.
  • Select the Start or Autospin button to start your spin.
  • Now wait anxiously for the reels to stop and the winning combinations to be calculated.

These are the main characters you will come to know and love when playing Sweet Sins (listed from low values uphill):

  • The classic card images from the 9 to the Ace.
  • The bird of paradise and the lovely flower
  • The pretty blonde Eve
  • The masculine Adam

The extra features and bonus rounds in the Garden of Eden

This divine garden is, of course, not ordinary.

Whether you play Sweet Sins for free without registration, or for real money, you will get your money’s worth with Sweet Sins online. The slot shows its best side after you find the scatter symbol three times. It appears in the form of a snake, which entwines an apple. Thus, some free spins are started.

You are now free to choose one of several apples, which contains a random symbol. This symbol will fill the entire reel it is on after each spin. Thus, many winning opportunities are opened. However, this is not all that the snake can do.

In fact, when you play Sweet Sins, you will also find out that the snake also acts as a wild symbol.

Our verdict: Playing Sweet Sins for free is simply divine

Now you are sufficiently equipped with tips to understand Sweet Sins and can play Sweet Sins for free. Go into the middle of the garden and be there live when presumably human history is written because the two garden dwellers could not resist Sweet Sins. Could you? We’re guessing no. That would almost be like turning down the most tempting bonus! But for now, we’ll send you to play slots for free without registration to get your own idea.

That’s why it’s worth playing for real money at Sweet Sins

Winning money is guaranteed not to be a sin, and we’ll tell you something else: It doesn’t fall under “greed” if you expect a casino to give you a bonus that is at least as big and juicy as the apple in the Garden of Eden! Not to mention a new customer bonus and free spins with no deposit. This is the right attitude if you want to play Sweet Sins for real money. We are absolutely convinced that Sweet Sins is the paradise for every game fan with the intention to win. Thanks to the winning features, playing is very rewarding, not to mention that you can meet Adam and Eve very rarely otherwise. Please give them a greeting from us!

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