Tetri Mania by Wazdan

Tetri Mania slot machine

At first glance, the developer Wazdan has designed a classic slot machine in the game Tetri Mania. However, Tetri Mania by Wazdan is of course not a slot game like any other. You can still play online and enjoy the comfort of playing at home. Anyone who has a computer and a working Internet connection can play. You can play Tetri Mania for free. We can only repeat it once again, friends of gambling can play Tetri Mania for free. So quickly get into the online casino and let’s go. A cool pixel look in Tetris-style awaits the player in this reel game.

What is the best way to play Tetri Mania online?

The rules: Different icons in Tetris pixel style show up on four reels here. The 4 reels can produce up to 9 different paylines and the bet in the game must be somewhere between 0.10€ and 100€.

You can play Tetri Mania for free without registration.

The risk-averse online gamer will be pleased with the possibility of first testing Tetri Mania online for free. Here you can hone your strategy, research tips and tricks and warm up your fingers for the rounds in which you will play for real and your own money. Playing with real money then also brings the right atmosphere with it, which a true gambler looks for with excitement. So without registration, you should first get an overview of Tetri Mania, so everyone can play this slot machine for free, without registration!

And the real money game has it all too!

When it comes to real money, the risk increases and so does the excitement. With the initial registration at an online casino also comes the chance to win a great bonus. No one will get this casino bonus without a deposit, so the thought of signing up is worth it several times over!

Tetri Mania slot details

Wild Symbol
Scatter Symbol
Free Spins