The Legend of Shangri La by NetEnt

The Legend of Shangri La Slot Online by NetEnt

Have you ever heard of the Legend of Shangri La? According to this legend, this paradise, where people live together in peace and harmony, is located in Tibet. However, according to the novel “Lost Horizon” by British writer James Hilton, this is supposed to be a fictional place. Fortunately, thanks to the developers at NetEnt, this magical place is no longer a fictional legend. You can visit the Tibetan paradise with The Legend of Shangri La slot from anywhere in Germany. How? By playing the slot at an online casino.

The Tibetan high mountains are the ideal retreat to distract yourself from stressful everyday life, and this is exactly the kind of distraction that awaits you when you play The Legend of Shangri La. If you are completely unfamiliar with the legend of this Tibetan source of harmony, then you can play The Legend of Shangri La for free without registration and let yourself be overwhelmed by the beauty of Tibet. However, in The Legend of Shangri La by NetEnt you have to beware of the spirit of the dragon that lives high up in the mountains. He doesn’t hesitate to use all sorts of tricks to make your life difficult during the free spins. No question, The Legend of Shangri La is full of surprises and fully lives up to the myth of this magical place.

The Legend of Shangri La online at a glance

The first tip we would like to give you is that you should play The Legend of Shangri La for free. This will allow you to get a first impression of the game well before it comes to details like developing a strategy. In The Legend of Shangri La online, a first unusual feature is already waiting for us, because in the online paradise we play with a playing field with six reels and five rows. When you start to play The Legend of Shangri La for free, you will encounter exceptionally large main characters, which are so big that they take up two rows. One thing we can promise German players already, this is not the only unusual feature you will encounter in the casino while playing The Legend of Shangri La.

A particularly impressive feature of this slot game is undoubtedly the graphic representation of the motifs. NetEnt has made sure that not only the action on the reels, but also the scenery in the background of the reels is reproduced with pin sharpness. For example, pay attention to the two waterfalls to the left and right of the playing field when you play The Legend of Shangri La for free without registration. Here you can even observe the water clouds that are created when the falling water hits the water surface. There are other special features to discover in The Legend of Shangri La slot, but also in the bonus features and what they are, we will now explain to you.

The exchange symbol

This motif is represented by a green question mark with a golden border and its function is roughly comparable to a classic wild symbol. If there is a chance of a winning combination and one or more of these motifs lands, it will take the shape of the motifs of that winning combination and thus contribute to the creation or expansion of a winning combination. The Legend of Shangri La’s question mark can transform into all the motifs except the scatter symbol.

Randomly Swapped Symbols

This feature can be activated when two unrelated symbol groups of the same motif land. Should this bonus feature be activated, then swap symbols will be added to your reels until a win occurs. However, when we were able to play The Legend of Shangri La for free, we found out that this feature is only present in the base game.

The Sticky Re-Spins

The Re-Spins of The Legend of Shangri La can also be triggered when two unrelated groups of symbols land with the same motif and no win is achieved. If this feature is triggered, then these motifs remain in their positions, while all other motifs are set in motion again with a free Re-Spin.

The Free Spins

In order to activate the free spins, at least three scatter symbols must land, this is of course true even if you play The Legend of Shangri La for free. The more scatter symbols there are on the reels, the more free spins are waiting for you as well. After each spin of this bonus round, the monk will add up to six swap symbols to the reels. Following the scoring, The Legend of Shangri La’s aforementioned dragon will now fly across the board and destroy up to four of these bonus symbols.

How to play The Legend of Shangri La online

The Legend of Shangri La belongs to the series of cluster pays games from NetEnt. Wins here, according to the slot rules, are not achieved with winning combinations landing on paylines, but with groups of symbols consisting of at least nine identical motifs, which must be connected either horizontally or vertically. So you don’t have to memorize where the paylines are in this game, pretty simple rules, right?

It also gets simple in terms of the motifs, because all you have to memorize while playing are these nine symbols:

  • A fish
  • A dragonfly
  • A butterfly
  • A flower
  • A monkey
  • An elephant
  • A tiger
  • The swap symbol
  • The scatter symbol

Conclusion and play The Legend of Shangri La for free

The Legend of Shangri La is a slot game that really exceeded our wildest expectations in all aspects. The graphics are just a feast for the eyes and this becomes especially clear when you consider the very large playing field. The bonus features are anything but ordinary and contribute to a significant part of the great entertainment value that you can literally feel from the first spin.

This is a game you can’t afford to miss, and that’s why you should jump right in and play the slot for free without registration.

Play The Legend of Shangri La online with real money

The adventure in Shangri La is already breathtakingly exciting when playing without registration. If you register at an online casino, you can not only make the adventure even more exciting with real money wagers, but also benefit from bonus offers such as free spins without deposit or a deposit bonus.

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