The Magic Flute by Novoline

The Magic Flute by Novoline

You have become bored with fruits or diamonds and you are longing for another slot in the casinos? Then The Magic Flute from the manufacturer Novoline is just right for you. You can play the slot for free without registration or with real money, just as you wish. The interesting slot The Magic Flute deals with the theme of Mozart and can triple your winnings very quickly.

How to play The Magic Flute in online casinos

Whether you decide to play The Magic Flute for free or for real money, the fun is guaranteed. Here you will find numerous controls located under the reels and you should come up with the right strategy. Playing The Magic Flute for free is possible on your PC and on your smartphone. Nine paylines with many symbols can bring you high winnings.  Only if you decide to play The Magic Flute for free, of course, the winnings will not come. If all paylines are activated, the minimum bet is 0.09 euros. You can bet up to a maximum of 45 euros. Thus, the slot from Novoline is also suitable for high rollers. The symbols you will find here include:

  • the queen of the night
  • court jester
  • the wise man
  • Parmina and
  • Tamino

If you find Tamina five times on the reels, you can expect 750 times the winnings. The queen of the night is the wild symbol here. Of course, this is also true if you want to play The Magic Flute for free. It’s best to find a casino where you can get a no deposit online casino bonus. With three of the scatter symbols on the reels, you then get the coveted free spins. This also applies to one payline. The bonus is that all winnings are now tripled here.

As an additional feature, there is also the card game, with which you can double your winnings. If you play The Magic Flute online, this can bring you a lot of money. But this is almost normal with Novoline. Be careful though. Because if you choose the wrong card color, all your winnings are gone.

The Magic Flute is not a complicated game and is suitable for beginners. Playing The Magic Flute for free is the best way to get to know the game.

Conclusion: Playing The Magic Flute for free without registration is also fun

If you decide to play The Magic Flute for free, you can of course not win anything. The rules also state here that you can only get cash winnings with real money. However, The Magic Flute will delight you with its graphics and numerous possibilities without getting complicated. By the way, you won’t be able to use any tricks in The Magic Flute, since it is also a game of chance, where the right winning combinations have to fall.

Play The Magic Flute online with real money

With a little luck on your side, you can win quite a lot at The Magic Flute. But you should only play in the best casinos you can find. Because here you get, for example, a no deposit bonus or one of the coveted welcome bonuses. Make sure that it is a licensed casino, which is also reputable. Because how annoying would it be if you win the jackpot and then do not get your winnings.

The Magic Flute slot details

Wild Symbol
Scatter Symbol
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