Tiara by Merkur

Tiara Spielautomat von Merkur

What at first glance seems like a beta version of a new slot machine is another hit for the Merkur brand. This is because the company has understood that more and more players are discovering slot games with a classic look for themselves. However, since these have become rare on the market or are mainly found in gaming arcades, Merkur set out to develop the Tiara game. In Tiara online, the player is not distracted by wild flashing lights or countless colored symbols. Rather, Tiara by Merkur is a very simple slot game that is limited to the most necessary and graphically manages without a lot of bells and whistles.

But not only the slot design is kept classic. Even the symbols used might be familiar to many gamers from the arcades or the one-armed bandits. When playing, you will quickly notice that the game is rather relaxed, which makes Tiara suitable for a casual, quick game in between. In addition, you can play Tiara for free without registration, because you don’t need any real money for the break game. You can play Tiara without registration, but if you want to win real money, you have to register at the online casino.

The symbols in the game

  • Cherry
  • melon
  • Grape
  • Plum
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • The number 7
  • Crown

Tips on how to play

It’s not easy to tell whether Tiara is a classic slot machine or a modern slot machine. Actually both. Because the game is kept in vintage look, but there is a modern software behind it. The rules and the game principle are clearly based on the old slot machines. The main character that brings in the biggest winnings is clearly the crown. The slot machine has a total of 5 reels. Each of them carries three different symbols. After a spin, the symbols must come to a stop in a winning line in such a way that a winning combination is created and the player is credited with a sum of money.

You won’t find many additional features in Tiara by Merkur, since the slot is limited to the already mentioned essentials. Ten paylines are available for the game. These can also not be changed by the player. Bets, on the other hand, are possible from as little as 10 cents. Those who like to play for higher amounts can also bet the maximum amount of 20 euros per spin.

Those who would like to test the classic game just to pass the time can play Tiara for free. If losses are incurred, at least it is not real money.

Free spins at Tiara online

With a classic like Tiara, of course, the free spins may not be missing. Free spins are awarded to the player as a bonus when the wild symbol, the crown, appears on the reels. Unfortunately, there are no real scatter symbols in the game. When the crown appears, it moves from right to left. It moves one position after each spin. If the crown appears visibly on one of the reels after a free spin, the player receives free spins. The number of free spins depends on the reel. If the wild symbol is visible on the fourth reel, four free spins are awarded. Free spins can be collected until the crown finishes its wanderings across the reels.

In summary

Merkur gives players with Tiara the opportunity to play an old slot machine online as well. The simple structure and straightforward gameplay are easy for anyone to understand. While some may find it a bit lacking in action and trappings, good games don’t always have to be packed with features and flashing lights. If you want to test your luck in advance, you can play Tiara for free. Real winnings in the form of jackpots or free spins, however, can only be obtained in real money mode. It is always worth a try.

Tiara slot details

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