Tidal Riches by Novoline

Tidal Riches Slot Free Games from Novoline

We slot testers are only human. That’s why we rarely say no when we’re offered some refreshment. That’s exactly what Novoline did, inviting us to a few extensive rounds of testing Tidal Riches online. Tidal Riches slot was very refreshing indeed! Do you like slots with underwater themes? Then you should read through our review and play Tidal Riches for free as well!

Here, we’ll chat about our experiences with the slot game first.

Our impression of the Tidal Riches slot machine

Going online with Tidal Riches was like jumping into the water. We deliberately don’t say “cold water” as in the German saying, because playing Tidal Riches for free was really refreshing! We think that the waters we were allowed to dive into are far away from Germany, because the water was pleasantly tempered. Due to the spontaneous invitation to play Tidal Riches for free without registration, we had smoothly forgotten to put on our diving suits and still didn’t freeze.

In Tidal Riches, we met aquatic creatures that don’t look German and that we would rather expect to find in the warmer oceans: Exotic aquatic turtles, playful dolphins performing their tricks, fascinating octopuses and colorful fish. Thus, Tidal Riches online is an educational and not quite everyday excursion. Thanks to Novoline we were able to see more than just the underwater life through an aquarium window – playing Tidal Riches for free we were right in the middle of the coral reef! We didn’t have to regulate the water level ourselves, because it is automatically kept at a high level in Tidal Riches by Novoline.

The Tidal Riches slot allows diving without diving goggles

We must express our gratitude to the manufacturer Novoline, because Tidal Riches is a brilliant game and we are allowed to access it in the casino at any time without registration and for free! The slot is beautiful to look at and we would argue that with Tidal Riches, both visuals and sound play into it when we state: Tidal Riches slot is one of the best diving-themed games to be found online. The sea creatures are very cutely illustrated and the ocean theme consistently extends across all reels and paylines.

Playing Tidal Riches for free is our new strategy when we want to relax and get away from everyday life. You know the effect when water bubbles and moves in waves? There’s something almost meditative about it. So, for example, we could skip yoga class and replace it with playing Tidal Riches for free without registration instead. Tidal Riches reminded us that humans are made up of a very large part of water. What do we learn from this? Spend more time playing Tidal Riches online to stay hydrated, because with Tidal Riches we are definitely in our element!

How to play Tidal Riches slot

Tidal Riches is truly unique from its competition. The machine is bursting with life and features that make every spin truly special.

This is your gameplay when playing Tidal Riches:

  • First, you should choose your bet amount at the bottom of the screen.
  • The number of paylines cannot be changed by human hand, instead the number will change on its own as the game progresses
  • Click on your preferred spin method: autospin or the manual start button
  • Wait for the wins and watch if the arrow moves on. If you are lucky, you can even win some free spins with special winning combinations.

These main symbols are there for you, both when playing Tidal Riches for free and in the real money version:

  • The symbols from 10 to Ace, which you already know from playing cards.
  • The blue-yellow fish
  • The puffer fish
  • The turtle
  • The Octopus
  • The dolphin

The extra features and bonus rounds in the underwater realm

The gameplay in Tidal Riches is a little different than what you may be used to. At the top of the screen, there are 7 arrows which trigger changes and bonuses when you make them shine. Each time you get a win, the respective symbols disappear and more sink down from the surface of the water and the arrow moves one space further. Thus, new winning combos can form quite unexpectedly.

The first three arrows expand your playing field as the octopus clears a sixth reel and the rising tide reveals two more rows. The next arrows are entirely responsible for Free Spins, which come in 4 different varieties.

By the way, you can also discover a Wild symbol, which you can easily recognize by the “WILD” lettering. On the other hand, there is no scatter symbol. Therefore, you don’t need to mope, because you have another source for countless free spins, as you have just learned in our tips.

Our verdict: Tidal Riches is perfect for no deposit games.

You’ll never run out of oxygen with this sensational slot, we’ll make sure of that. After all, playing is absolutely free and you are always welcome as a fun player. Playing slots for free without registration is the order of the day with us, we need it like the fish needs the water! Feel free to schedule time every day for this slot, because you will surely love it and take one dive a day, if not several.

Tidal Riches is a feast for the eyes and one of our most beautiful fish slots. Our offer ensures that you will never be left high and dry when you need some downtime with a beautiful and exciting game. Go ahead, pick up your fins and head straight for the waters!

Real money games at Tidal Riches are especially lucrative

Are you toying with the idea of winning real money with Tidal Riches, but don’t know any online casinos? Then take off your diving goggles for a moment and take a look around our site. The best casinos can be found here and the best thing is: you will most likely get a welcome bonus for new players. Such a bonus is great and sometimes there are even free spins with no deposit!

This is our contribution so that you can win real money and afford something nice from the winnings. How about fish food, a snorkel, new bathing slippers or a fluffy towel for “after”? This “afterwards” will certainly not happen so quickly, however, as the game is far too exciting for that. We testers, at least, didn’t want to surface again voluntarily!

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