Top O’ The Money by Novoline

Top O’The Money Slot free games from Novoline

It doesn’t get any greener than this! If you are now expecting Top O’The Money from Novoline to be a slot machine on the theme of road traffic, then you are mistaken. Guess again, what is green? That’s right, Ireland! This is exactly the country that Top O’The Money online is about. We just love it, this slot!

Would you like to know why? Then read all about our impressions in the test here!

Top O’The Money slot description and features

Playing Top O’The Money for free without registration was the best thing that could have happened to us on our test day. We had a great time and immediately started speculating what the slot machine had in store for us. In doing so, we reached deep into the cliché box. We are forgiven, because we know that people do the same with Germany. After all, it’s only a game to say that sauerkraut, socks in sandals, beer and potatoes are typically German. What the Germans have to put up with, the Irish can put up with.

The Emerald Isle has been taken for a ride by Novoline, but in a tactful way. For example, it doesn’t rain in Top O’The Money online. Not a single drop fell from the sky while playing Top O’The Money free for hours, but there were all the more free spins and bonuses. Novoline has held back a bit with the clichés, probably in case sensitive Irishmen also play Top O’The Money for free.

Nevertheless, our prejudices were not disappointed when playing Top O’The Money.

We were relieved, because the slot game respectively Novoline as the inventor of the game nevertheless uses some clichés. Thus, Top O’The Money is probably the greenest slot game in the world! We would have been very surprised if the Top O’The Money slot would have had a different color. Ireland is green and that’s great! That’s why the happiest cows live there, giving us the best butter.

In addition, Top O’The Money online of course also has clover waiting, because it can’t be missing and ensures luck in the online casino. The trademark of Top O’The Money puzzled us and we first had to do extensive research online. It is a green man, who is obviously not a non-smoker and constantly appears on the reels when playing Top O’The Money for free without registration.

Who is the mysterious Irishman in Top O’The Money slot?

The man on the paylines in Top O’The Money slot, who keeps appearing in Top O’The Money play without registration, is actually a leprechaun, respectively. He represents St. Patrick Day and has a great flair for free spins, gold and real money. That’s why he is the ultimate good luck charm for playing Top O’The Money! You can see from his wise look that he knows many tips and tricks, as well as all the rules. His service is free, so why not? We relied entirely on his wisdom and local knowledge when playing Top O’The Money for free and did well with this strategy.

Very quickly we were Top O’The Money masters ourselves and knew Top O’The Money inside and out. Since Top O’The Money we are Irish at heart and would now like to take fiddle, harp or bagpipe lessons when we are not busy playing Top O’The Money online.

How to play Top O’The Money online slot

Top O’The Money is simple in its gameplay. Simply pull the lever and scan the 5 reels, each with 4 rows, for winning combinations. The rest happens automatically.

Here you can see the gameplay step by step:

  • First, decide how much money you will pay into the pot per payline (if you play Top O’The Money for free, you will receive play money from the casino).
  • You will see that there are 20 paylines in total.
  • When you are ready to start, click on “Start” or on the autoplay button.
  • When the reels come to a stop, the winnings are evaluated. The used boxes disappear and new boxes fall down.
  • You may get wins again through a chain reaction. For each of the following wins, the arrow moves up.
  • When the arrow has moved enough spaces, you get to pick up some free spins.

You will come across the following main symbols (sorted by win amount, from low to high):

  • The card images from the 10 to the Ace.
  • The fiddle and the black beer (ale)
  • The cheerful leprechaun and the tobacco pipe
  • The official and colorful slot logo

Irish bonus games and extra features

Even without a scatter symbol, the manufacturer has included plenty of features that you can play with extensively. Of course, the wild symbol must not be missing, it appears here fittingly as a shamrock.

You have the chance to grab Free Spins. As mentioned above, the stacked wins on the reels ensure that at the top of the screen the arrow moves to Free Spins, which you can promptly use.

Last but not least, sometimes by chance the Leprechaun appears with a special wheel, the Colossal Bonus Reel, which he spins several times and randomly awards enormous prizes.

Our verdict: Green light for Top O’The Money no deposit.

Top O’The Money is great and perfectly sums up the Ireland feeling. Surrounded by lucky charms and lush meadows, it plays wonderfully! You can start your trip to the Emerald Isle at any time without travel money and preparations, because playing slots for free without registration will take you right to where you can play Top O’The Money for free!

Play Top O’The Money for Real Money and Discover Ireland

What works so well for free – getting sprinkled with coins – also works with real money. We show you super casinos with a strong sense of bonus and free spins without deposit. Compare our suggestions and dare to play for real money. A decent welcome bonus will give you a jump start and you won’t need a lot of equity. Top O’The Money is the perfect slot for winning, because green is inspiring, the shamrocks bring good luck, the Irish air is excellent and the funny leprechaun is a helpful support.

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