Triple Chance by Merkur

Pure classic with Triple Chance online game

Once again we are talking about a classic slot machine from Merkur. Because with Triple Chance, the manufacturer has simply brought it to the point again. Today, the producers of online slot games are constantly coming up with new machines, but not all groups of players like them.

Especially the players who have been active in the scene for a long time will dismiss the new slots as unnecessary frills. Thousands of extras and features, small payouts and unusual designs are too modern for them. After all, the classic casino experience also starts with a classic slot. That’s the only way an online casino can even have the potential to compete with a real arcade.

The manufacturer of Triple Chance

Of course, the brand of a slot also says a lot about its quality. This is also the case with Triple Chance. Because its reels were forged in the house of Merkurs. This is a subsidiary of the Gauselmann Group. Founded in 1957, they have experienced every twist and turn as well as every high and low point of the gambling scene. 61 years of experience mean that every trick and design device for slots and machines has already been seen. Most importantly, they are a testament to the fact that even after all this time, the company is still competitive, ready to innovate, and working at a high level of quality. A game from this house contains a built-in seal of quality, so to speak.

How to play Triple Chance? Properties and features

This slot makes the heart of experienced and veteran players beat faster. That’s because with its classic design and few extras, it awakens every nostalgic feeling you can find in you. In the style of the 80s, it reminds us of the time of rapid development and expansion of casinos.

Structure and design

The slot, of course, also has a classic design and doesn’t stand out much for its format. There are three reels, which spread over three rows scatter the winning combinations on the field. There are a total of five paylines. These are also set like this, without giving you many choices.

The design is neat, but above all one thing: retro. Because with traditional symbols like watermelons, blueberries, lemons, bells and oranges, this reminds you of times gone by. And the main character is also familiar to all players: The magic seven, which stands for the biggest wins.

With the seven you can collect one of the biggest winnings in this game: If you get them in a row, you will be paid 1500 times the bet! Thus, in the Triple Chance slot, it is possible to win winnings in the five-digit range in a single spin, without there being a real jackpot in the slot.

The background of the game is done in shades of red, where stripes stretch from the outside to the inside of the playing field. This ensures that everything is focused on the playing field and you almost get tunnel vision. That’s a good thing, too, because this is where the action takes place. Above it, you can see the title of the game in capital letters.

Payout ratio

The payout rate is also very exciting. With a value of about 96%, one is good among online slots. But especially compared to real arcades, you are miles ahead of them. There, a value of only 70% is often achieved. However, since significantly more players can play and bet at the same time in the online casino, the high payout ratios can prevent mass losses and thus also protect the player from the danger of spending too much money.

Let’s summarize once again in a concise list what features all make up this slot:

  • Three reels and three rows
  • 5 paylines
  • The seven as the main character for the winnings
  • 96% payout rate

Playing Triple Chance Slot

So what do you do when you finally want to play this slot? First, you look for a website where you can play it. Our website is an example of this. When you go to the site, the game will start automatically. Once this has loaded, then you can start playing directly. This is because Triple Chance does not contain so many extras that long explanatory texts and tutorials are necessary here.

Instead, you start playing right away. The first thing you can do is select your bet. This is a maximum of 10 euros. Thus, it can be said that this slot is not suitable for high rollers. However, other players can collect decent winnings here, since the few extras provide for high payouts.

The special features of Triple Chance

When it comes to the symbols, you can really keep it short here. Because special symbols with special functions – they don’t even exist. Neither a wild symbol nor scatter symbols can be found in this game. Thus, Triple Chance is really reduced to the best. However, some extra features can still be found:

  1. the famous Gamble feature from Merkur.
  2. the “Re-Spin” feature

Gamble feature of Triple Chance

Among them, for example, is the Gamble feature. This allows you to experience an additional thrill while playing and brings excitement to the gameplay. Namely, it allows you to increase your winnings once again before raining them down on your account. For this, the player can decide which of the two methods he prefers:

  1. either, when a card is face down, you have to guess what color it is.
  2. or climb up a ladder and click on the appropriate field in time to increase his winnings even more.

But even here you should be careful and not risk too much. Because if you lose a profit, then this quickly provides frustration and disappointment. To compensate for this, you often pay even more into the slot and bet more than you actually intended. Therefore, you should also be satisfied with your winnings at some point.

  • Risk Ladder: After a win, you have the option to enter an all or nothing gamble. Here you push your winnings up a ladder to 140 in several steps. At each level, you can exit with your winnings or take another risk.
  • Risk Cards Game: This is the famous guessing game. If you win, you can use it to enter the gamble. Is the next card black or red? If you are right, you can continue to 140.

Re-Spin Feature of Triple Chance

If the entire game field contains the same symbol, a re-spin is triggered without having to place a new bet. In addition, a kind of wheel of fortune comes into play. This contains four fields, while three of them represent wins. If you land a win, then the wheel is spun again. This happens until you get to the stop field. In this way, the slot allows players to win massive amounts!

Play Triple Chance for free and be convinced.

However, it must be said that video slots online have many advantages compared to a real casino. This is because you can play a game without registering and thus test its features first before actually investing your money. The same is also possible with Triple Chance by Merkur. Because you can play the slot machine for free without registration. If you want to play Triple Chance for free, then there are websites like ours where this is possible.

But not only the trial versions and free playing of Triple Chance is something that you should definitely use. An online casino no deposit bonus is just as helpful. It helps players to find their way into the game. If you take advantage of such a bonus, you can get free spins, for example, and thus rake in the first winnings before the game even really gets started. However, playing Triple Chance for free beforehand is still a good option.

As mentioned, you can play the slot machine for free without registration on our site. Thus, everyone can test out whether he likes this game principle. Even though there are few features and special functions, Triple Chance can quickly convince. After all, the large payouts due to the comparatively rare wins please many players much better than the many tiny contributions. Especially for newcomers to the scene, this slot is very exciting, as it is easy to play, the rules are not complicated and it does not require any special knowledge of slots. Even without registration you can be convinced by this slot machine.

Collect real winnings with Triple Chance

Once you are convinced by this slot machine, you can of course use an online casino bonus without deposit. This is very helpful if you want to get started and do not want to invest a lot of real money immediately after the test phase. In addition, the famous and high-class casinos where you can play Triple Chance also offer an often very good welcome bonus.

Thus, a new starting player is offered many opportunities to make even more out of the game and out of his money. In addition to free spins, the welcome bonus usually includes bonuses on the first deposits and thus motivates players to place their bets and leave the field as a happy winner.

Nevertheless, we see it as our duty to point out the dangers of gambling to players. After all, gambling is fraught with many risks. The keyword here is responsible gaming. And not everyone can do this right from the start. That’s why you should get tips from experts and find a strategy that protects yourself. In addition, one should observe oneself or the gambling friend for indications that point to dependence.

After drugs and alcohol, gambling is one of the leading players in the list for addiction dangers. The pastime can very quickly turn into a dangerous habit. In fact, many gamblers forget that it is just a pastime. One should always remember that casinos and slot machines are not a source of money. By depositing money, you can spend your time there, but not effectively earn money.

Triple Chance slot details

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