Triple Dragons by Pragmatic Play

Triple Dragons by Pragmatic Play – a simple online game with interesting strategy.

Chinese mythology is ancient and legendary. Dragons appear in the books and kings stand up against the strengthening empire. Playing Triple Dragons for free without registration allows every player an entertaining and entertaining introduction to the ancient Chinese mythological world. One look at the main and special characters is enough to get an impression of how lovingly and in detail the development of this modern slot was done:

  • The dragon – during free spins it changes to emphasize the importance of its position.
  • A silk bag full of gold
  • An ancient drum
  • The delicate bud of a lotus flower
  • Card symbols in bold colors

Not only in the main and special characters, but also on the reels and backgrounds, the design of the game shows three-dimensional and responsive. This makes the acting characters on the characters seem more alive and as a player you dive even deeper into the exciting action. An example of the detailed design is the mischievous face that the dragon shows after a win.

How to play Triple Dragons slot machine online – tips and tricks included!

Triple Dragons seems so simple at first glance that perhaps one or the other German player might think that this slot is designed too simply. After all, there are only three reels and five fixed paylines. Surely that can’t provide enough variety when playing Triple Dragons for free? On top of that, there is the very high volatility, which means that, admittedly, you sometimes have to wait a long time for the next win. However, the design of Triple Dragons is quite deliberate. After all, the goal of this slot is not a lot of small wins, but regular big wins, which occur mainly during the free spins. Triple Dragons – this is not only the name of the slot, but also the main theme on which the rules are built. Because while the winning combinations are read from left to right, as usual, the three golden dragons, the eponym of the game, unfold their special properties as soon as they appear as a trio in one of the columns. If this happens, the winnings are actually already pre-programmed in Triple Dragons free play. Although no scatter symbol is mentioned in the game rules, the Free Spins features are possible, for example. The golden dragons trigger the free spins and the special thing about it is that the column with the dragons simply remains standing and acts as a wild symbol. If even a second column with dragons appears, it also stops and there is only one reel left spinning. This means that because of the wild symbol effect, there can be a win in any of the free spins.

The Triple Dragons slot – this slot game guarantees a maximum of pleasure while playing.

Playing Triple Dragons, actually, always offers itself. The great advantage of Triple Dragons online is its responsive design. The game from Pragmatic Play adapts to the device used. Thus, Triple Dragons is just as much fun on the small screen of the smartphone as it is on the large screen of the home computer. The modern design of Triple Dragons online is therefore perfect if you want to work on your gaming skills on the go, while traveling or during longer waiting breaks. Games like Triple Dragons benefit from the fact that playing slots for free is possible without registration. Thus, you not only have the option of playing Triple Dragons for free, but you can also easily try out other ingenious games from Pragmatic Play within a short period of time. In fact, to play Triple Dragons for free without registration, all you need is a terminal with an Internet connection. You dial in and after an amazingly short loading time you can play Triple Dragons for free. Triple Dragons significantly expands the field of reel games in Germany with its design and rules. Games of this new, young generation are detached from the charm of the old analog slots and thus usher in a new age. If you want to convince yourself of this, you just have to play Triple Dragons for free.

Play Triple Dragons – master winning combinations and main characters for real money winnings

Triple Dragons slot is always a first-class pastime, no matter which variant of the game you choose. Those who are gripped by the thrill and who have a desire for real winnings, take a look at the different online casinos. The modern games of Pragmatic Play like Triple Dragons online are offered by many casinos. In addition to the free version, which can be played directly without registration, there is also a real money version. The entry facilitates free spins without deposit. This is only one of the many ways to enjoy a free bonus at the start of Triple Dragons. The game with the reels and the wild symbol is already familiar with Triple Dragons, but real risk sometimes quickly affects the concentration. Free spins or other bonuses are a nice way to get real winnings without having to take a high risk right at the beginning.

Triple Dragons slot details

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