Triple Tigers by Pragmatic Play

Triple Tigers by Pragmatic Play

Tigers are a rarity in Germany, and to see three tigers at once, you have to go to the zoo. However, you can save yourself this trip and play Triple Tigers for free without registration instead. What is Triple Tigers? This is a slot machine that we discovered. It was designed by Pragmatic Play and has not only a great design and pleasant sounds, but also quite a bit of bonus to offer. Now, before you walk into the tiger’s enclosure without signing up, we’ll tell you the rules and give you some tips. Playing Triple Tigers requires some practice and strategy, because tigers are and remain wild animals. To train you can always play Triple Tigers for free, we have exhibited the machine online and wish you a lot of fun.

Our impressions on Triple Tigers slot

We have long known that Pragmatic Play is very creative in the choice of themes for its games. Many fans belong to the German target group, which is why Triple Tigers online also has an intro in German. However, we still prepare you a bit more intensively and like to emphasize once again that for the time being you should gain your experience playing Triple Tigers for free without registration. Why? We don’t want the real money to be snatched out of your hand, show fear or play Triple Tigers unprepared. Move around the reels and paylines with confidence and self-assurance, which is something you can best practice while playing Triple Tigers for free! Triple Tigers by Pragmatic Play is dominated by the three tigers, but you’ll master Triple Tigers online like a seasoned tamer with the following tricks.

How to play Triple Tigers online without registration

Once you head over to the Triple Tigers slot game now, you’ll notice a few differences from your old familiar games. The first change should be immediately noticeable. Where have the reels gone? Yes, there are actually only three reels and three rows, how strange. Earlier casino goers wouldn’t have said that, because when slot machines first really boomed, this combination of reels was popular. This is called a one-armed bandit. If you take a closer look, you might realize that instead of 10 or 20 paylines, you are only offered a single one here. Why is that? It doesn’t really matter, since the gameplay remains exactly the same. Pragmatic Play just took a risk, and probably got it right in the end. If you spin the reels a few times, you will see a particularly high number of main characters. You could almost say that Triple Tigers has a whole zoo built in. This comparison isn’t quite true, as the tigers are the only animals for miles around, but there are still three of them! Here’s the whole list of winning symbols, sorted by their respective cash value:

  • The three types of BAR symbols
  • The tiger paw engraved in gold
  • The jeweled 8
  • The green tiger
  • The purple tiger
  • The golden tiger

The special winning symbols and bonus rounds in Triple Tigers

After this number of winning symbols and winning combinations, are there any bonus symbols needed? We don’t think so, and neither does the manufacturer of Triple Tigers. We also appreciate that a faithful adaptation of a one-armed bandit has been attempted in the Triple Tigers slot. Another reason why neither wild symbol, nor scatter symbol, nor free spins are seen far and wide. Perhaps the triple tigers have driven them away? We don’t know for sure, so I guess you’ll have to play Triple Tigers for free to find the answer.

Our verdict: Playing Triple Tigers for free is encouraging

Now that we have gotten to know Triple Tigers a little better, we can completely recommend playing Triple Tigers for free. We have now finally come to the conclusion that playing slots for free without registration is the perfect way to practice for free and get to know all the features in detail. When we first played Triple Tigers online, we could immediately discover the potential that a few rounds in the game can unleash. It’s really fun and if you play it for free at first, there are no limits to what you can do. So, what are you waiting for? But what about when you are done playing Triple Tigers for free? No problem, we have an interesting suggestion.

Play Triple Tigers for real money at the top online casino.

Now that you have thoroughly tried Triple Tigers slot, you have the choice whether to play for real money now. However, you should pay close attention to your casino. If you are already playing for real money, you also need a good bonus, such as free spins without deposit. It all depends on your online casino, so pay close attention before you start Triple Tigers online. We can also confirm that playing for real money is just as much fun as the free mode. Both are good options and recommended for your experience with Triple Tigers.

Triple Tigers slot details

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