Troll Hunters 2 by Play’n Go

Troll Hunters 2 – Overview and Game Features

These Vikings have it in them. Because the three women in Troll Hunters 2 are fighting giant trolls in the snowy mountains. With this title, Play’n GO has given its first outstanding success a revised second version. In Germany and the rest of the world, the game has been released in 2019. Part one has already been available since 2013. As in the first slot game, it features three different Viking warriors who can choose between swords, axes and shields to defeat a troll.

Unlike the first part of this saga, which focused more on the comedic, the second slot is now equipped with more realism. In addition, there is a playing field with a 5×5 grid, falling symbols and various bonus features, which you can best get to know by playing Troll Hunters 2 for free.

Sound and Design

For the second part, the creators of Play’n GO have opted for a less comic-like variant in the design and have also removed the beer mugs and pork knuckles. Instead, this online slot is more reminiscent of the world of the Amazons from Wonder Woman. Here it’s all about war, weapons and hunting trolls in the deep snow. Thus, the earrings that were still inappropriately found as a symbol in part one have also disappeared.

The warlike theme is even found in the control panel in Troll Hunters 2 with Viking-like ornamentation. The aesthetics of the new game is thus a bit more serious.

Accordingly, a martial music including a male choir as accompaniment has been added to this slot, which is probably meant to get the player in the mood for the battle with the troll. When you play Troll Hunters 2 for free, you can of course turn off the sound.

Here are the features of Troll Hunters 2 Online at a glance.

  • Five reels and five rows
  • Theme: Vikings
  • Free spins possible
  • Winning combinations horizontally and vertically possible
  • Multipliers included

How to play Troll Hunters 2

Due to the 5×5 grid and with the possible winning lines on vertical and horizontal lines, you have a lot of chances to win in this game. And also the real money winnings can be high, if you are not playing Troll Hunters 2 for free without signing up with us. The goal is to hit a high winning combination in an online casino and take as much money as possible.

To do this, you make a bet between 0.10 and 100 currency units when you play Troll Hunters 2 for free. In your chosen casino, these values may be different depending on the currency. When you try the game, you will notice a second field next to the main one. This is the multiplier indicator. The more often you spin a winning combination, the higher the multiplier barometer will go.

The symbols in Troll Hunters 2 Online

Looking at the main characters, of course the fighters bring the highest winnings. But beyond that, one character is the most profitable of all. It is a triple golden triangle, which also acts as a wild symbol.

All symbols according to their value:

  • Golden triple triangle
  • The three Viking warrior women singly
  • Triple portraits of the Viking warrior women
  • Battle Axe
  • Hammer
  • Sword
  • Helmet
  • Horn

When you play Troll Hunters 2 for free without registration, you can also see more wild symbols in action. Because in addition to the golden triple triangle, the golden “X2” and “X3” as well as the troll also serve as wild symbols and replace all other characters on the playing field.

Free Spins

To get free spins, the creators of Troll Hunters 2 Online have come up with a special variant. Thus, on the game field background you will find a changing display of the word Bonus. This slides to a different row after almost every spin. If you hit this row on the next spin by having a winning combination there, which in turn causes the tiles to shatter, you get free spins in return.

According to the rules, you can choose between three options, represented by the three fighters. However, you won’t find a scatter symbol like in other slot games here.

Free spins in Troll Hunters 2 Online:

1st fighter 1 offers 9 free spins, but no multiplier.
2nd fighter 2 offers 7 free spins and a two times multiplier.
3. fighter 3 has 5 free spins and a triple multiplier up her sleeve.

Extra features

One of the varied additional features in Troll Hunters 2 slot is the transformation of winning combinations into a wild symbol. Every time there is a win, a wild symbol is triggered, which also appears in the multiplier barometer. This gives you more chances in the same spin. This is also the only way in Troll Hunters 2 to get the most valuable of all symbols, the golden triple triangle. Accordingly, it is also difficult to get three of them in a row.

Troll Hunters 2 from Play’n GO has adopted this effect from its successful predecessor.

Winning possibilities in Troll Hunters 2 slot

Besides the different high value symbols in Troll Hunters 2, you can also win by clearing the entire field. If you play the demo version of Troll Hunters 2 for free without registration and select 0.20 CU as a bet, that would be 100 WE win. However, as with all jackpots, the probability of hitting it with one spin in the game is very low.

However, if you play Troll Hunters 2 for free, you can practice without losing until the jackpot is reached.

Tips and tricks

It is important for new players of this game to know how high to bet. There is only one tip that helps for this. You should play Troll Hunters 2 for free as often as possible. Only then you will be able to create your own strategy for playing with real money. So consider the budget set at 25,000 CU in the demo version as your account when playing and play Troll Hunters 2 as if it were real money. Then you will quickly realize how high you can bet in the real money game.

Conclusion: Play Troll Hunters 2 online for free!

Vikings are also very popular among German fans. They already exist in all shapes and colors in slot games as well. The makers of Play’n GO, as a Swedish company, are of course aware that warrior women also fought back then. Of course, this had to result in a slot. To get to know this wonderful remake of the hit, you should play this slot for free without registration.

Play Troll Hunters 2 with real money

If you want to take a risk, you should try Troll Hunters 2 in a gambling portal. We offer you a suitable selection of many top casinos with a valid gambling license for this purpose. If you also want to sweeten your first game, you should not miss out on the various bonus offers or even free spins without deposit that we have picked out for you to match.

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