Trolls Bridge by YGGDRASIL

Troll’s Bridge slot machine: game overview and extras.

Welcome to the realm of trolls with the Troll’s Bridge slot game from Yggdrasil. We all know that trolls are very diverse. They can make our worst nightmares come true, or they can dwell in our front yards as tiny, cute little creatures. If you’re not afraid, take a peek into the nightmare world of creepy trolls once in a while. This interactive game awaits you with fantastic 3D graphics, unique sound effects and varied gameplay in a world full of fantasy creatures. It seems that Yggdrasil has once again improved its skills, tried something completely new and created a game that surely many other providers will soon emulate. On 5 reels and only 3 rows, Troll’s Bridge offers great action.

How to play

Form winning combinations from the main characters, where some of the most beautiful trolls can be found. Activate the paylines, and if they get at least three scatter symbols on the forest lakes at the same time, then you get the 3 games + bonus features.

In many casinos you can play Troll’s Bridge for free without registration. When you play Troll’s Bridge for free, you first get to know the numerous modes and possibly develop a good strategy with the help of the little trolls.

Conclusion & Play Troll’s Bridge for free

This new interactive game is the rage in online casinos and land-based casinos.

Thus, many online casinos offer you bonus without deposit, so you can try a casino first and get to know different games besides Troll Bridges.

Play Troll’s Bridge for real money

Besides the option that they play slot machines for free without registration, you can of course play this slot game for real money. The advantage of this is certainly that they can then also collect real money winnings. But the attraction of the game is also different. Find out for yourself what you like better.

Trolls Bridge slot details

Wild Symbol
Scatter Symbol