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Turbo 4 Player Online Slot by StakeLogic – Overview and Game Features

Fans of interesting fruit slots should prick up their ears now. We present to you here a most interesting slot game from the game developer Stakelogic. One where the number of reels is flexible, and one where you can boost the bankroll with 108 winning combinations. Does that sound unusual? Well, if you know that the online game Turbo 4 Player comes from Stakelogic, and you have already experienced that Stakelogic likes to realize slot machines that deviate from the mainstream, you won’t be surprised anymore. If you want to convince yourself of that, you should take a look at the portfolio of the prominent game manufacturer Stakelogic. And now you know: these ladies and gentlemen are not in the ranks of the very big and successful developer companies for nothing. This is where some of the best and most entertaining slots that you will find in online casinos accessible in Germany are created. But let’s get straight to the essentials, the Turbo 4 Player slot. If you like, you can play Turbo 4 Player for free without registration. You can find the free demo version here. It is perfect when it comes to getting game practice.

Before we get to the gameplay section of Turbo 4 Player, where you’ll be entrusted with the rules and chat out of the box about tips, tricks and strategies, let’s take a quick look at the facts surrounding Turbo 4 Player online.

Turbo4Player was released in casinos in November 2018. It is a video slot with a fruit theme. Moreover, one where you can play with three, four, five or even six reels. It is up to the player to decide what to choose. Of course, the more reels and the higher the stake, the higher the risk. In parallel, of course, the probability of winning increases. This is no different when playing Turbo4Player than with the other games you will find in online casinos. The RTP, which is the theoretical payout probability, is 95%. Combine that with the mediocre volatility and you get a game like Turbo 4 Player slot. One where you win relatively often on the one hand, and higher wins are quite realistic on the other.

There are 108 paylines or winning combinations in Turbo4Player. How this looks in practice, we will describe later. First of all, we can mention the main characters. After all, these are what the game is all about. If you want to get to know the game for free and without registration, you can play Turbo 4 Player for free. Turbo4Player is played with these twelve symbols:

  • Joker = Mystery Win Symbol (Scatter).
  • Star
  • Seven
  • BAR
  • Bells
  • Melon
  • Plum
  • Grapes
  • pear
  • orange
  • lemon
  • Cherries

How to play Turbo4Player online?

Once Turbo 4 Player is loaded online, you should familiarize yourself with its appearance. At the top you will see all the symbols and the paytable. At the bottom you can define the game stake. Choose how many reels you want to play with and also how much you want to bet per game. The total bet is always displayed the same. Use the option of Turbo 4 Player free play and vary the stakes. You need to get a feel for which action affects the account balance and how.

Now you can either manually set the reels in rotation (click on the spin button or the space bar) or let the autospin work for you. Then you can sit back, relax and watch Turbo4Player online run by itself. One more word about the paylines. You are used to playing with reasonably few paylines in fruit slots. Here there are 108 winning combinations. This means that the identical symbols simply have to appear on at least three adjacent reels. It doesn’t matter if, for example, the pear occurs on reels one, two and three or on reels three, four and five. In both cases, you will win for the 3 combination for pears in Turbo 4 Player. You win nothing if the pear occurs on reels one, two, four and five. The series is broken or not long enough.

Any winning combinations are always displayed at the end and highlighted in the Turbo 4 Player paytable. So you always know why you just won how much. And now there are features that add extra life to the game.

Wild Symbol

Unfortunately, you will look for the wild symbol in vain. This all-round symbol has been omitted. But instead there is the scatter symbol and the Superbet add-on.

Scatter Symbol

Whoever spins three scatter symbols or more gets a free spin on the Mystery Win Wheel of Fortune, which gives a fixed win, the so-called Mystery Win Prize. Those who play in Superbet Mode only need two scatter symbols for the same. For this, the winnings are higher and they increase even more when you see more scatter symbols on the grid. You should play Turbo 4 Player for free to experience this feature firsthand. Unfortunately, the scatter symbols do not trigger free spins, as it is the case with many other slots.

Mystery Jackpot

Turbo4Player also features the Mystery Jackpot. This is a progressive jackpot offered by several of the manufacturer’s games. At Turbo 4 Player online, this is filled by every active player, because 0.5% of every bet always goes into the pot immediately. If this reaches the threshold of 5000 euros, it is raffled to the one who fills up this 5000. This means that those who play with higher stakes have a higher chance of winning than those who play Turbo 4 Player with small stakes.

Conclusion about Turbo4Player free play

If you like fruit slots and are looking for a slightly different gameplay, you will love Turbo4Player. Various elements of different slots are mixed here. Paylines have given way to 108 winning combinations. This pushes the RTP into the range where we are used to the payout probability of slots. To get acquainted, you should take the opportunity and play Turbo 4 Player for free without registration with us. Let the whole thing sink in. Is it a game that you like? Or are you looking for something different? Then you can play countless other slot machines for free without registration. Just click through our offer.

How to play Turbo 4 Player online for real money

If you like, you don’t have to limit yourself to playing Turbo 4 Player for free. You can also play Turbo4Player for real money. Just look for a casino that has Turbo 4 Player in its portfolio. One that additionally offers interesting promotions. A no deposit free spins bonus would be especially recommended. Then you get completely free of charge the chance to play Turbo 4 Player, without investing anything, for real money. However, you would have to convert the winnings into real money first. You can find out how to do that in the bonus terms and conditions of the respective online casino. Good luck and have fun.

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