Valley of Secrets by Stake Logic

An adventure in the Valley of Secrets – What surprises does the Valley of Secrets slot machine bring?

The model for this modern online game by Stakelogic is clearly found in the world-famous Valley of the Kings, the burial place of the Egyptian pharaohs. Even today, researchers and archaeologists uncover new secrets almost every year. When playing Valley of Secrets, you slip into the role of an explorer who, with a bit of luck, also comes across a great and groundbreaking discovery. If a find means fame and glory in real life, in Valley of Secrets by Stakelogic it sometimes represents a big win.

The atmosphere in Valley of Kings

The music and design of the game is clearly based on famous explorer stories. Pharaohs, statutes and sunken temples dominate the scenery. The whole thing is made even clearer by the design of the main characters, which also contributes to the atmosphere. The main character is the beautiful pharaoh Cleopatra. At her side, the golden scarab and other valuable treasures make for great gains. In the temple, which provides the basic framework for the game, the engraved hieroglyphs light up at regular intervals.

Typical Stakelogic – modern approaches are combined with classic game design in Valley of Secrets online.

The renowned development team skillfully uses innovative approaches to create a novel and exciting game for the German online casino from the classic structure with five reels. Winnings are the order of the day when playing Valley of Secrets for free, which is ensured, among other things, by the amazingly high number of winning ways. 243 of them are used at the same time. However, the Valley of Secrets slot only becomes really exciting when the features and special features become active. Again, it shows that Stakelogic has developed something completely new for Valley of Secrets. As so often, the basis for a successful and beautiful game is the detailed and loving design of the main and special characters. From the high- and low-paying symbols to the wild symbol and the scatter symbol, it is evident that the developers have paid close attention to accuracy and correct usage when designing the game.

If you know the rules, you don’t need tips and tricks – this is how Valley of Secrets slot works.

If you want to play Valley of Secrets for free, the question of the rules naturally arises. This is easy and quickly explained if you understand the rules in the ordinary reel game merely as a passage stage to reach the features during the free spins. Going back to the comparison with the explorers in the famous Valley of the Kings, it’s a good idea to think of the regular reel game in Valley of Secrets as the search for treasure. For better understanding, here are the winning symbols:

  • Valley of Secrets symbol
  • Pharaoh
  • Pharaoh Kleoptara
  • Pyramid
  • Box
  • Ankh crosses
  • Card values (Clubs, Spades, Hearts, Diamonds)

The number 6 – it plays an important role in Valley of Secrets free game play

The above mentioned treasure in Valley of Secrets free play without registration has a lot to do with the number 6. There are 6 mystery and 6 crazy wild symbols.

Whoever manages to collect a complete set in Valley of Secrets unlocks the coveted features. In the Crazy Wild Game, Wild symbols remain after each round, thus significantly increasing the chances of winning in the following rounds. If you have completed the Mystery symbols first, the Respin feature is activated. In this, the winning combinations stop and a re-spin of the reels activates automatically. This does not count towards the total number of spins.

The peculiarities of this game at a glance:

  • The Crazy Wild Game starts after six Crazy Wild symbols are collected.
  • The Wild Respin feature starts after collecting six Mystery symbols.
  • The Wild symbol substitutes for all main symbols

Just right for explorers – play the slot game Valley of Secrets for free without registration.

If you want to play Valley of Secrets for free, the best place to do it is on our site. Completely free of charge and even without registration you can start right away. There are no waiting times, so you can plunge directly into Valley of Secrets online. Users who play slot machines for free without registration benefit from the fact that you can freely choose from the large selection of games. You can play Valley of Secrets or you can choose another game that focuses on different elements. The whole thing works equally well on the PC, on the cell phone and also on the tablet. If you feel like it, you can simply pick up your device and start playing. The advantage of playing Valley of Secrets online, for example, is that players can gain important experience without any risk. If you play with probabilities, as is the case with a slot like Valley of Secrets, your gut feeling plays an important role. If you want to play Valley of Secrets for free and thus gain the necessary important experience, just start right away with us. Excitement, gaming fun and the practice for a possible game for real money go hand in hand with this.

As an enthusiastic user who is thrilled by the slot while playing Valley of Secrets, you naturally draw a conclusion. This is consistently positive. The game clearly refers to its roots and equally exploits its possibilities. If you are not a big fan of a bloated set of rules and still want to benefit from features and the like, you can decide to play Valley of Secrets for free. Those who learn the rules of Valley of Secrets through play and trial and error will quickly discover that this slot game definitely has the qualities to go down in gaming history as a modern classic.

How to turn main characters and winning combinations into real winnings – Play Valley of Secrets online for real money.

How do free spins without deposit sound? If a German player sees a real bonus in the small attention you get in many a virtual casino, he may not think twice about trying to play Valley of Secrets online for real money. It doesn’t take much to enjoy the free spins. However, a little effort in the form of a short research is worth it if you want to get the most out of your bonus. If you proceed with a bit of strategy, you can compare the individual providers that have Valley of Secrets in their program. This quickly reveals who has the best offer and where a quick and easy registration is worthwhile. It usually only takes a few minutes and you can start playing Valley of Secrets. You automatically receive the free spins at the beginning, the provider takes care of this for you. With a bit of luck, players can make winnings at Valley of Secrets online, in the real money variant, for which no personal investment was necessary.

Valley of Secrets slot details

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