Voodoo Shark by Merkur

Voodoo Shark slot from Merkur Casinoswithout

If you are afraid of sharks, you should get to know Voodoo Shark. This opportunity is given to you by the Voodoo Shark slot machine. In this Merkur slot, you swim in the twilight with a boat in a lake and see different mysterious symbols.

How to play Voodoo Shark online

The slot game Voodoo Shark is played online quite classically on three reels. The slot also offers three rows and five fixed paylines. As the main characters we can find, among others, different Voodoo accessories:

  • a book
  • a fox
  • a ship
  • a voodoo mask
  • a voodoo doll
  • a board with the inscription “Voodoo Shark”
  • the voodoo shark itself.

The gameplay is very ordinary. You determine a bet using the corresponding button, which you can find at the bottom left corner. The bet per round can be set from 0.05€ to 100€. If you prefer to play with the maximum bets, there is a Max-Bet button for that, which allows you to determine the biggest bet right away. The button is also located at the bottom left.

Since Voodoo Shark by Merkur has a fixed number of paylines, you can now directly start the game. To do this, click on the spin button – a green button with an arrow on it. If you don’t want to keep clicking the button, you can turn on the autoplay mode and choose the number of rounds you want to play in this mode.

At the top right you will find a few more important buttons. Among other things, you can adjust the volume there. Below the button with an “i” on it, you will find the rules of the game, the payout rate, its special features and the meaning of the button. We always recommend that you familiarize yourself with this information before you start playing. This way you will also find out if and which wild symbols and scatter symbols are available in this slot, what bonus can be used and how you can get free spins. Next to the i-button you will see the paytable, where you can see how all the symbols pay out.

The Rewin Feature

The goal of the game is to form as many winning combinations as possible. Besides the usual spins, there is the Rewin Feature here. To trigger it, you need nine identical symbols on the screen. Now, in a little extra game, you have to stop a revolving light at the right time on a spinning disk. If you land on a winning field, you can collect the indicated prize. If you land on STOP, the round is over. This feature can be repeated a maximum of six times.

Gamble Feature

There are two variants of the gamble feature in Merkur slot machines. In a card game, you see cards and your task is to guess the color of the next card. If you guess correctly, your winnings will be doubled. However, you should be careful, because if you guess wrong, you will get nothing at all.

In the second variant you will see a ladder with steps higher and lower than your winnings. You should click on the gamble button when the larger number is displayed, because that will be your win. If you stop the flashing when the smaller number (or even a zero) is displayed, then that is your win. Moreover, in Merkur slots you have the option to halve the win and risk only half.

What we find remarkable is the fact that you can test out the gamble feature even if you play Voodoo Shark for free without signing up.

How to play Voodoo Shark for free

It is very easy to play Voodoo Shark for free. You should choose a safe online casino, choose this slot there and play the game for free without registration. This way you will learn all the game rules, test all the features and possibly work out your own strategy. It is recommended to always try a new slot for free before wagering real money.

How to win at Voodoo Shark

If you play Voodoo Shark for free long enough, you will feel more confident. Then you should consider switching to real money mode. In free mode you get experience, but no payouts. However, if you want to win, you should wager real money. If you don’t want to spend a lot, play with the minimum stakes, this is also fun and brings winnings. But bigger stakes increase your winnings enormously.

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