Western Reels by Evoplay

Relive the wild west – with the Western Reels slot game from Evoplay Entertainment.

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a cowboy or cowgirl in the wild west as a child? Full of courage and spirit of adventure, you face the evil bandits and defeat them in a duel in front of the saloon. The Western Reels game lets adults dive into these beautiful fantasies again. Although Evoplay Entertainment’s slot is a game of the most modern kind in every respect, it manages to revive the charm of old days in perfection. The goal in designing Western Reels online was to give the player the feeling that he is standing at a real “one-armed bandit”. When the reels start in Western Reels slot, the entire game interface is animated in such a way that it looks like you are actually standing in front of an analog slot machine. However, this is not the only thing that immediately catches your eye when playing Western Reels for free. Many details differ from most other games at the casino in Germany. Western Reels has only three reels, but there is a wheel of fortune on the left side of the fictitious machine. What this is all about and what the team from Evoplay Entertainment thought of it, you can find out below in the rules of Western Reels online.

The fact is that it has perfectly managed to combine the possibilities of modern game design with an antique-looking design. Due to the beautiful animation, playing Western Reels for free proves to be very entertaining and extremely exciting. Since luck is no longer dependent only on the reels, but also on many other factors, Western Reels proves to be particularly complex and intense. If you want to get a new impression of the new possibilities in interactive game design, you should definitely not miss the chance to play Western Reels.

The special rules of the Western Reels slot – How to create your own strategy in the German online casino

Although the Western Reels game is extremely complex, the slot surprises with simple and easy to understand rules. Despite the many winning opportunities, fun is the main focus of this game. In order to catch a closer glimpse of the rules, the individual elements in playing Western Reels for free are presented in detail:

  • The main characters: a diamond, a golden bell, a red seven, a 3xBAR sign, a 2xBAR sign, a BAR sign, cherries.
  • Three reels: the machine manages with only three reels, but the peculiarity is that there is always an empty space on the reels between the main characters.
  • The wild symbol: It is represented by a diamond. It performs the task that is also known from other games. It is able to replace a missing main character on a payline to complete the combination.
  • The Scatter Symbol: A dollar sign represents the scatter symbol. If it appears three times as part of a winning combination, i.e. on a payline, the player will receive 10 free spins. During these spins, the game uses the bet made in the round that triggered the free spins.
  • Wheel of Fortune: This wheel of fortune is used in Western Reels not only as a feature, but on every single spin. It is equipped with multipliers. These rank between 1x and 6x. This means for the player that a win can be multiplied up to six times. In addition to the multipliers, there are two fields on the wheel of fortune that trigger a respin. During these free spins, the wheel of fortune is not active. All wins are therefore simply counted from there.

Play Western Reels for free without registration – At any time and always for free

Ist man begeistert von den vielen Möglichkeiten, die einem geboten werden, während man  Western Reels kostenlos spielen kann, so möchte man wahrscheinlich tiefer in die Materie einsteigen. What other ways are there to increase your pile of coins with Free Spins, the Wild symbol, the Scatter symbol or with exciting winning combinations? If you take a look around our site, you will discover many other exciting games besides Western Reels that invite you to play for free. The nice thing is that there is never a need to register. Immediately after a game such as Western Reels is loaded online, you can start playing.

Playing without registration – this means that there is no need to enter any of your own data. This significantly shortens the waiting time and perfect when boredom overcomes you and you would like to jump into an exciting game of the extra class immediately. When you play slot machines for free without registration, you can also enjoy the advantage of learning your own tips and tricks through play. When playing Western Reels for free without registration, you don’t need to study the rules for a long time – you simply try yourself out. If you are still a bit off at the beginning and not quite right with the betting, that is not a big deal. Playing Western Reels is all about having fun.

The next level at the slot machine – play online for real money and collect a bonus

What about your own success in playing Western Reels for free? It probably didn’t take long for a player to look behind the system of reels, paylines and main characters and thus internalize them. Western Reels online is, of course, not only available in the free version, where you are tempted to increase your fictitious pile of coins and credits, but also in the variant where real money is at stake. If you already feel confident enough in playing Evoplay Entertainment that you dare to take this step, big winnings sometimes await you. But the first big win you get automatically, as long as you make a small comparison of the individual providers. Free spins without deposit – that’s what we’re talking about. If you register for the first time at one of the renowned and reputable casinos, you can sometimes receive free spins as a small incentive. These provide the perfect introduction to Western Reels. If things don’t go ideally at the beginning when playing with real money, that’s no big deal, the free spins will catch you until you are in balance and have a good feeling for the processes. Then the real winnings can start and with a little luck you can benefit from the long training that you previously enjoyed for free.

Western Reels slot details