Wild Bazaar by NetEnt

Wild Bazaar Slot Online by NetEnt

Wild Bazaar by NetEnt is a colorful video slot with a lot of positive energy and a lot of bonus. With a little luck, even up to four features can be activated simultaneously. It goes off to an oriental market, where you can buy colorful chests. What exactly is inside the chests remains uncertain, the only thing that is certain is that these chests can trigger lucrative extra features. If you are ready to go to the market now, you can play Wild Bazaar for free on this page.

Game structure

The game structure of Wild Bazaar online is very innovative and different from most casino games. However, there is a familiar basic structure with three reels, four rows of symbols and 26 paylines. There are no special symbols in the base game. There are only the main characters in the form of cheap jewelry and treasure chests. Special symbols, such as a scatter symbol or a bonus symbol, do not exist in the entire game. Instead, the wild symbol can appear in four different variations. The four different colored treasure chests can trigger the so-called “Wild Spins” with the various wild features. The wild spins are a kind of free spins. Even several wild features can be activated at the same time, which has a very good effect on the chances of winning. If you feel like a wild flea market, you should play Wild Bazaar for free now.

Graphics & Sounds

In terms of its design, Wild Bazaar is a slot machine that promises a lot of fun. NetEnt has put a lot of effort into creating an authentic environment. The environment makes it seem like you are somewhere in the Orient or India. Next to the roller set there is a fan that indicates incredible heat. You can see a small scooter and in the background a spire sticks out, which could possibly be a part of a mosque. Wild Bazaar online’s playset is a market stall built from the cheapest and most accessible materials. Everything wobbles as if it could collapse at any moment. On offer are cheap jewelry and sometimes quite handsome treasure chests. Oriental music is playing on the radio and you can hear a flute player somewhere in the market. If you would like to enjoy this unique atmosphere, you should simply play Wild Bazaar yourself.

Tips & Tricks

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Wild Bazaar – On the wild market

Wild Bazaar is a slot game that has been equipped with incredible possibilities. NetEnt has designed this slot in such a way that you can activate several extra features at the same time. Before you start the reels, you have to determine your bets. Winning combinations from treasure chests give double luck. Besides the crediting of an instant win, the wild spins are activated with features. This game is absolutely recommendable and if you have a little time, you should definitely play a few rounds of Wild Bazaar for free.


In Wild Bazaar online, there are a total of eight different symbols in the base game. There are four treasure chests and four different types of costume jewelry. At least three identical icons on a payline, starting on the first reel, make a winning combination in Wild Bazaar slot. Here all the symbols presented as a list:

  • Treasure Chest Red
  • Treasure Chest Green
  • Treasure Chest Pink
  • Treasure Chest Blue
  • Costume jewelry with a red gemstone
  • Costume Jewelry with a Green Gemstone
  • Costume Jewelry with a purple gemstone
  • Costume jewelry with a blue gemstone.

Wild Spins

Once you can generate one or more winning combinations from the treasure chests, you can play some Wild Spins at Wild Bazaar. The Wild Spins could also be called free spins. Each collected treasure chest provides a free spin with the feature that that chest can trigger. If you can generate multiple winning combinations with different types of treasure chests, then you get free spins with multiple features.

You get two treasure chest combinations in Wild Bazaar online in the base game: one combo consists of three red chests and the other consists of five blue chests. After that, you can play three Wild Spins with both features and you can play two Free Spins with only the blue feature.

In the course of Wild Spins, you can earn additional features and additional Wild Spins by playing combinations with more treasure chests. All features have something to do with the wild symbols in a direct sense. Above the set of reels you can see the active features and the number of times they are available.

Wild Spin Features

In Wild Bazaar, each treasure chest represents a specific Wild feature:

  • Red Chest – Stacked Wilds: Wild symbols occur in stacks of four characters.
  • Green Chest – Colossal Wilds: All Wild symbols occupy four reel slots.
  • Pink Crate – Linked Wilds: As soon as two Wild symbols appear on a horizontal line, all icons in between are also turned into Wilds.
  • Blue Box – x2 Multiplier Wild: If at least one Wild symbol is involved in a winning combination, the winning amount is doubled.


In Wild Bazaar, bets between 0.20 and 400.00 can be placed on each reel spin.

RTP (theoretical Return To Player)

Wild Bazaar slot has a theoretical rate of payouts to winnings of 96.15%.

Play Wild Bazaar for free without registration

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Wild Bazaar – A wild mess

Wild Bazaar is a fabulous slot that has been equipped with fabulous winning opportunities by NetEnt. Some wild features can be unbeatable in a combination. In any case, this game is absolutely recommended.

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