Wild Rails by Play’n Go

Wild Rails – overview and game features.

This slot game literally turns everything upside down. Because in Wild Rails, you can find the otherwise vertically mounted reels as horizontal tracks. Sounds unusual, but it is quite easy to understand and only logical according to the theme. When you play Wild Rails for free without registration, you can examine the tracks and the trains running along them, including the symbols themselves. The lovingly designed game surprises with funny passengers, interesting sidekicks and visual effects that are second to none.

Wild Rails is a slot game from Play’n GO that has been available for players in Germany since 2019. The game features a 4×5 grid, which requires a bit of a rethink, as instead of spinning from top to bottom, the four reels here spin from left to right. In addition, there are then five vertical rows. However, the result is a classic grid with up to 30 paylines set. However, these are horizontally aligned as in a classic roller system. Winning combinations thus come about by keeping the trains on the tracks.

As a bonus, there are also so-called Wild Trains and Golden Train Scatters in the game, which provide the necessary variety. The fast-paced online slot game, in which the trains sweep across the tracks at breakneck speed, also has a free spins mode with additional chances.

If you want to play Wild Rails for free with us, you do not need to register in advance. You can play the demo game without registering.

Sound and design

Wild Rails is something for fans of steampunk. It is thoroughly committed to the style of the early 20th century and the steam locomotive era. This is also noticeable in the sound, which was composed especially for this slot. You can hear a melody reminiscent of the sounds of a steam locomotive, along with tolling and rhythmic gears. Even though the music is repetitive, this sound can make you want to go on a great ride again. At least virtually you can do that here while playing Wild Rails for free.

But the slot machine is also visually set to the fin de siècle era. The grid is a bridge between two mountain tunnels, which is connected by four superimposed tracks. On it, the cast-iron decorated trains go along. If you come to a stop, you can see the well-heeled passengers, with card symbols from king to 10 in between. Every now and then you will also encounter the Wild Train, which rushes along a randomly chosen track with special symbols.

Here are all the features at a glance:

  • Four reels à five vertical rows
  • Theme: Locomotives / Steampunk
  • Free spins possible

How to play Wild Rails

To be successful in Wild Rails from Play’n GO, you don’t have to do anything more than press the spin button. In the end, chance decides whether a winning combination comes about or not. In this respect, Wild Rails online is just as fair as all other slot games.

The symbols in Wild Rails online

In Wild Rails slot, you can make some discoveries once the trains are not in motion. Even the card symbols that are strapped to each compartment here have nice decorations in the style of the theme and are interesting to look at. The most valuable main symbol, however, is the wild compartment, the game’s wild symbol. At 0.30 currency units bet, you get 9 currency units as winnings for five times appearing here, then follows the golden scatter symbol, a compartment decorated with a golden train.

Next come the elegant passengers of the wild trains with their monocles and champagne glasses. Here are the symbols in order of value:

  1. wild compartment
  2. golden locomotive compartment
  3. lady with black hair
  4. lady with blond hair
  5. blond card player
  6. man with monocle
  7. card symbol A
  8. card symbol K
  9. card symbol Q
  10. card symbol J
  11. card symbol 10

Free Spins

One of the main features for a modern slot machine for many who want to play Wild Rails for free is the option of free spins. Here, Play’n GO leaves nothing to be desired. Depending on how many scatters, golden locomotives, you collect, you get free spins. With three, four and five scatters, that’s five, seven and ten free spins. In the free spins mode, you can get more spins if you spin three scatter symbols in it again. In addition to that, you will also get another Wild Train that appears on the playfield and can substitute for other symbols.

When you play Wild Rails for free, you can also see a traffic light in the free spins mode that counts the number of Wild Trains. If you can spin four of them in the games, you will get three more Free Spins in addition. With a bit of luck, you can thus get into a loop of free spins in Wild Rails, which can bring decent points. Since Wilds and Scatter symbols also bring wins themselves here, this can make for high payouts in a real-money online casino.

Winning possibilities

All in all, you can win up to 9 currency units for a minimum bet of 0.30 currency units in the regular game. According to the paytable, however, up to 5,000 times the bet amount is possible. Depending on which casino you play in and with which currency, the stakes or winnings can of course fluctuate. Generally, you will notice a high variance when you play the demo version of Wild Rails for free without registration.

Other bonuses and additional features

Beyond the mentioned additional features, you will not find any other bonuses or special symbols in Wild Rails Online. Nevertheless, you should play Wild Rails free beforehand to get to know the different win levels and symbols better, which sometimes rush through the picture at high speed.

Tips and tricks

Wild Rails from Play’n GO is a somewhat different slot game that not only turns a few conventional rules on their head, but also has something new to offer when it comes to the theme. There can never be a strategy to leave this game with guaranteed winnings in a game of chance. However, playing Wild Rails will help you to better estimate your bets and set yourself a limit.

Conclusion: Play Wild Rails online for free!

With us you can try the Wild Rails slot for free. Because we have provided this and other slots from the manufacturer for you on our platform. So, if you enjoy locomotives and old-fashioned railroad tracks, you’re in the right place and should play this slot for free without registration.

Play Wild Rails with real money

Wild Rails not only brings fun and makes you want to travel. It can also be quite lucrative. So if you finally want to take home real money, you should not shy away from going to a gambling portal. We have picked out current top casinos for you for this purpose. And the best thing about it: You can also find free spins without deposit or first deposit bonuses for this and other games with us.

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