Winter Queen by Novoline

Winter Queen Slot Free Games from Novoline

Winter can be so beautiful, especially when you can order it at the touch of a button even in the middle of high summer. We have completed a test with Winter Queen from Novoline and we are enchanted! Even though it is a winter slot, we got a little bit hot. All in all, though, we were also a bit shocked.

In our slot description, we’ll tell you why!

Winter Queen slot description and features.

Why didn’t anyone give us a heads up? When we started playing Winter Queen for free without registration, we naturally hoped for a snow queen, that much is revealed by the name Winter Queen. However, we imagined something completely different under a winter queen, snow princess, whatever! We would have expected a chubby, innocent, thickly wrapped person, in a fur coat, mittens and maybe a little crown draped on her pom-pom hat.

Novoline obviously had quite different ideas. You’ll see the resolution when you play Winter Queen for free. We’re still struggling to catch our breath, having just been back online.

Play Winter Queen for free and get caught ice cold

Since we want to reveal information about the slot game here, we are of course allowed to spoil. So what is wrong with this Winter Queen? Everything is right with the game, don’t worry! But, why is the Winter Queen so scantily clad? We think Novoline owes us an explanation. Whenever we play Winter Queen, our eyes almost fall out of our heads again. While we in Germany, in a very average German winter already get our long woolen underpants out of the closet at just above zero degrees, the Winter Queen online prances half-naked through the sub-zero temperatures, as if there was nothing at all!

Is it because we show up to play without registering? Did the Winter Queen perhaps just come out of the sauna and didn’t have time to quickly put some clothes on? Or did Novoline just want to cut corners and therefore didn’t treat the Queen to an anorak? Is this a strategy to heat us up? The latter doesn’t really make sense, because Winter Queen is free to play. Maybe Winter Queen online just has a good immune system and catches only Free Spins and Bonus instead of bronchitis.

Wander through a bizarre winter world with Winter Queen online.

Honestly, after three minutes of Winter Queen online, we forgot about the cold as well. Playing Winter Queen for free made us feel quite warm. There is a lot to see in Winter Queen slot, if you are then willing to turn your eyes to other details. For example, there is a kingfisher, a husky and a polar bear.

Since Winter Queen free play without registration is expressly desired, you may quietly convince yourself several times a day that our Winter Queen wants to play for free and it really does not shiver. It’s really unbelievable how the Winter Queen can stand it online, all day long in the midst of ice and snow! For this reason alone, she has truly earned the title and the slot machine sticks in our minds as a particularly bizarre specimen. In any case, playing Winter Queen for free is on our agenda more often now!

How to play Winter Queen Slot

If you’re not too cold right now, you should urgently learn a bit more about the specifics of Winter Queen slot. You’ll thaw out in the casino pretty quickly, we promise! The Ice Queen makes a risky change to the classic slot formula with the big symbols, which however hits the bull’s eye and makes the game special.

Here are some tips and tricks from the Ice Queen in German to help you get along with the rules:

  • Choose your money bet, for this you can use the button below.
  • By the way, the paylines are fixed at 40
  • Now only the start button or the autoplay are waiting to be pressed
  • The reels are spinning and you only need to wait for them to stop

In the snow you will recognize these main symbols (sorted in ascending order by value), from which winning combinations are formed:

  • The card symbols from Jack to Ace.
  • The extra-large Kingfisher and Husky symbols
  • The extra-large Polar Bear symbol
  • The extra-large Ice Queen symbol

Winter’s extra features and bonus rounds

The Ice Queen of Winter slot stands out with the extra-large symbols, which can get even bigger during the free spins. These always take up about one reel in the regular gameplay, but during the free spins, which are initiated by 3 or more glass spheres, the scatter symbol, they can take up 3 reels at once. It should also be mentioned that the whole picture is not always visible, but still the winning combinations are enormous.

The Winter Queen wild symbol must also be mentioned here, of course. This can complete any payline and appears as the Winter Queen logo.

Our verdict: Dress warmly and play Winter Queen for free by all means?

Don’t get caught out cold or led up the garden path, but first take advantage of free spins and our option to play slots for free without registration. You can always use your real money later when you have warmed up to Winter Queen. The good lady is trustworthy, but she is also special. That’s why you can play a few practice rounds first. You will see that you are not on thin ice and will have a lot of fun in Winterland – for free, with play money!

If you are convinced of the quality of Winter Queen, play for real money!

Well, are you really thawed out and the ice is broken? Then find an online casino that will give you free spins without a deposit! Playing Winter Queen for free is always a pleasure, but when you earn real money playing Winter Queen at the best casinos, it takes the fun to a whole other level. Imagine all the things you could buy with your winnings: windshield de-icer, a mega pack of chocolate ice cream, a snow whisk, fancy snow shoes, a toboggan sled? Or would you rather buy something for the summer? It’s entirely up to you, and the Frost Queen has no say in the matter either. We say that quite unabashedly. Good luck!

Winter Queen slot details