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Wizard of Gems slot machine

Playing Wizard of Gems for free is recommended because it allows you to explore a completely new game world for free. As the name Wizard of Gems suggests, the game is about a fantastic world. In Wizard of Gems, the player is immersed in the world of elves and fire-breathing dragons. This provides a good basis for multiple reels to provide enough variety. As many as five reels are then available. Playing Wizard of Gems for free can make any player feel like a knight or even a hero. As soon as the first paylines are visible, free spins and bonuses are not long in coming. When playing Wizard of Gems for free, it’s all about always catching the right sequence of symbols.

It is definitely worth it

And so it is not only elves or volcanoes that shape the overall picture of the game, but also characters like ace and jack. So those symbols that should also be known from the card game. Of course, with the variety of symbols, it is always worth paying attention to scatter symbols or wild symbols. How high the profit to be made from them depends on the casinos. One thing is for sure though, you can’t go much wrong with online casinos. Here it is also possible to get tips and tricks directly before playing and without registration. After all, the first move can be decisive. Once the right strategy is set, the individual winning combinations can be considered. It does not always have to be the main characters with the biggest winnings. Even smaller wins can be worthwhile in the beginning.

Try Wizard of Gems for free

Slots like the ones from Playn Go convince with a tidy playing surface. Thus, the game Wizard of Gems will be able to immediately captivate every player. The Wizard of Gems game even has the ability to enchant. With Playn Go, the player is provided with an experienced game provider. And so a Wizard of Gems from Play`n Go can sometimes fill entire gaming evenings. But how can you win free spins with Wizard of Gems? In this Wizard of Gems slot, the Wizard symbol should appear three times. Then it won’t take long until the free spins are credited. If the Wizard of Gems game is played in a special mode, up to eight free spins can be won. The Play’n GO slot game mixes strategy game with fantasy. In the Wizard of Gems game, no special skill is needed either.

Only the reels have to be moved. These can provide new Wizard of Gems winning moments again and again with the autoplay function. Wizard of Gems online can therefore also mean that you can simply sit back, relax and let luck work for you. By the way, it can always happen that the reels stop with wild symbols. Then these are replaced by scatter symbols. Then the highest possible paylines come into play. With such an exchange or change of symbols, new free spins can also be won. Accordingly, the direct comparison shows that it is always possible to continue playing. Even when playing for real money. So, if the last bet has just been wiped out, it does not mean that everything is lost.

Wizard of Gems online is a slot game that pays off even in test mode. So just play Wizard of Gems for free and start practicing. Playing Wizard of Gems for free without registration is also suitable for spontaneous players. If you want to play on the go, there is no better game than Wizard of Gems from Play’n Go. If the bet is now placed in the risk variant, there is the possibility to achieve a lot with only a little. However, the bet must be right. Otherwise, everything can backfire and the already securely believed profit is lost. This game is all about timing. Only in this way is it possible to climb the ladder of profit at any time.

There are even more chances to win

By the way, it is always worth considering the wild symbol as well. A wild symbol in this game is the magic book. Now, if the game wants to be played on the go, this cannot be downloaded. Which means that an internet connection must always be provided. Before the game starts, a short waiting time must be accepted. But this is common practice with almost all slot machines, as well as with the slot game. At the beginning of the game, the player is immediately made aware of the numerous advantages of Wizard of Gems. Besides the multiplier, there are free spins and the joker. The multiplier works up to five. The bet can be quintupled in the ideal case. At first, the Wizard of Gems free game surprises with the fact that a kind-looking wizard wants to show the way. Nevertheless, the path itself must be walked. After that, simply go to the “Spin” symbol and the winning reels will start moving. In order to always know which characters will yield which win, it may be worth looking at the paytable beforehand. Since the magic book is very rare, it is not possible to get the joker very often. In this case, you simply have to stay tuned. After all, this is a free game where you can only win. Losses are as good as impossible. Use also the possibility to play slot machines for free without registration.

It is fun and it may be gezockt

If you win, the animated magician at the edge is also happy. After several attempts, it is worthwhile to set the win rate also a little higher. Another advantage is that one win can follow the next. Because once the reels are in position, the following ones are more likely to fall correctly than before. Those who play with heart and mind will also be rewarded with Wizard of Gems. Because here, the heart symbol can yield the most winnings in multiple versions. It is also important to pay attention to the stars. Because these decide whether the multiplier comes into play or not. Just try it in online casinos with the no deposit bonus and see how luck is with you.

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