Wolf Moon by Aristocrat

Wolf Moon slot machine

The video Soot Wolf Moon by Aristocrat is all about the wolf. The 6 reel slot mixes animal and mystical symbols in such a way that the player has to deal not only with the animal itself, but also with characters like totems. The soundtrack seems to be from an adventure movie and apparently there is also a human who looks like Kevin Costner from the movie “Dances with Wolves”. Unfortunately, Aristocrat has failed to give the game a comprehensible background story, which is a bit of a shame considering the pleasing graphical realization. However, those who just want to play will still get their money’s worth. We took a closer look at the slot and reveal everything about the game rules. In addition, we have looked up how you can play Wolf Moon for free.

How to play Wolf Moon online

Winning calculation in Wolf Moon online takes place in the classic way. The player must try to match identical symbols along the total of 40 paylines. The old principle applies: the symbols must appear on adjacent reels, counting starts at the first reel on the left. Several winning combinations are possible per spin, which are added up at the end. How high the total winnings are depends on the chosen bet and the type and number of symbols. Here is an overview of the paytable (all win figures refer to the lowest bet of €0.40):

  • Wolf, Man: 3: 0,25€; 4: 1,-€; 5: 4,-€.
  • totem: 3: 0,20€; 4: 0,75€; 5: 2,50€
  • A, K: 3: 0,05€; 4: 0,50€; 5: 1,50€
  • Q, J, 10, 9: 3: 0,05€; 4: 0,20€; 5: 1,-€
  • Wild (wolf howling at the moon): 3: 0,50€; 4: 2,-€; 5: 10,-€
  • Bonus (dream catcher): 3: 0,80€; 4: 2,-€; 5: 8,-€

The bonus features in Wolf Moon

Strictly speaking, there is only one special feature in Wolf Moon: the wild symbol. The wolf howling at the moon substitutes for all other symbols except the bonus symbol. However, Aristocrat has configured the wild in such a way that it appears more often than average, and in multiple versions per reel. It is not uncommon for the moonstruck wolf to fill the entire reel, thus creating more winning combinations. It is quite possible that the wild symbol fills several reels at the same time.

Another feature concerns the already mentioned scatter symbol. This is represented as a dreamcatcher and the word “bonus”. It has only one task: if it appears three times or more on the reels, the player is awarded 5 free spins. However, there are no other special features in these free spins. Since Wolf Moon is a slot game with very low volatility, the free spins are worthwhile if only because there is a win after almost every spin. Accordingly, the free spins can be maxed out. You can also win more free spins during the free spins by having the bonus symbol appear accordingly often. It should be noted that the scatter symbol appears relatively rarely on the reels and the 5 free spins are only sporadic to get.

Aristocrat, much like Novoline, Merkur or Gamomat, is a friend of the gambling feature. This means you can play again separately for each win achieved to multiply it. The point is to guess the next card to be revealed. You can choose whether the next card will be red or black, or you can bet on the suit of spades, clubs, hearts or diamonds. Depending on which you choose, the winnings will increase should you be correct. But be careful: if you choose the wrong color, your entire winnings will be lost immediately.

Tips and tricks for Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon is and remains a game of chance, which is only based on a random number generator. Even with the best strategy, winnings cannot be guaranteed. However, there are still tricks you can use to extend the game time. Wolf Moon is a video slot with a low volatility. This means wins come very often, but with small amounts. Bei solchen  Automatenspielen können Sie ruhig mit einem höheren Einsatz spielen. In our opinion, the gambling feature only makes sense if the amount played for is less than or equal to the bet placed. Otherwise, call up the demo version of the game, with which you can play Wolf Moon for free, and try out all the special features and game mechanics yourself!

Wagering and Winning Options

The bet is calculated in connection with the selected paylines. You have the choice and can bet with

  • 10
  • 20
  • 30
  • 40

active paylines to play online. Accordingly, the bet changes, because this is counted per payline. The minimum bet per payline also depends on the number of selected lines. If you want to play with 10, the minimum bet is 0.04€, so a total of 0.40€. If you play with 20 paylines, the minimum bet is 0.02€ per line, which is also 0.40€ per spin. If you play with 30 lines, the bet per line does not change and you play for 0,60€ per spin. With 40 paylines, the minimum bet is 0.01€ per line, i.e. 0.40€ per spin. A maximum of 4.80€ per spin is possible in this way.

The wolf asks to dance: Play Wolf Moon for free, without registration

Wolf Moon by Aristocrat is a very action-packed slot that spits out a win after almost every spin. Of course, the winnings rarely cover the stakes, but such a slot still allows for long gaming pleasure. Since wins trigger short animations and sounds, there is always something going on. Graphically, however, Wolf Moon is not state-of-the-art: the slot cannot keep up with the elaborate video slots from developers like NetEnt or Play’n Go.

With us you can play Wolf Moon for free. Because the game is available in a demo version. This allows you to learn the rules much better and without pressure, and even acquire your own tactics. Playing slots for free without registration makes perfect sense to get to know the game mechanics of a slot. So get started and familiarize yourself with Wolf Moon by Aristocrat.

Play Wolf Moon in online casinos and enjoy the atmosphere

But there is real excitement only when you play a slot for real money. This is what we advise you to do with Wolf Moon. We always have the best casinos at the start, where you can register online. Don’t forget to pick up the bonus that is available for every new customer. Sometimes there is also a no deposit casino bonus that allows you to play a few rounds of Wolf Moon for free. The slot is a lot of fun due to its low volatility and easy to learn rules. Above all, take advantage of the chance to play Wolf Moon for free.

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